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Car Talk: Summer Car Maintenance Questions And Answers

Oct 23, 2020, 9:09 am / Evelyn Smith

Even though the summer season has it's own perks, it can be ruthless to a number of things, including your car. The blistering sun and the hot wind have a lot of potentials to damage both the exterior as well as the interior of your car. In fact, the breakdown of the engine is more commonly seen during summer than at any other time of the year.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is imperative that you take more precautions and dedicate time to the maintenance of your car. Here are a few questions that are asked frequently about summer car maintenance and the answers to it.

What are some typical preventive maintenance items?

It is not necessary that every time something goes wrong with your car you should head over to a mechanic. If you follow some simple maintenance tips and have some items at your disposal, you will be well-equipped to keep your car functioning optimally during summer.

Check the engine oil using a dipstick, the coolant in the refrigerator as well as the wiper fluid. Clean the area surrounding the brake engine and check the brake oil from time to time. A pressure gauge for tire pressure can also come in as being very handy.

How often should I check the tire pressure?

The tires tend to get heated up more during the summer season as it runs for a longer period of time. The tire pressure can also fall drastically at this time, more than what it used to. Some have reported a fall in 1 pound at a rapid rate. Check the pressure once every month and get it filled according to the requirement of the car as soon as you notice any significant reduction in it.

How to reduce Sun damage to the car as I don't have a garage?

You may not have a garage or a covered parking space at all times. The beating sun can do a lot of damage to your car. Using a sunshade can work wonders here. One of the best companies for this purpose is the Lamnodo car sunshade. It can cover the entire length of the car and protect it from the harmful effects of the heat.

It is also easy to fix and portable as it can fit inside any car. It comes in a number of bright colors which helps in easy identification of your vehicle in a crowded parking space. Thus, it can reduce Sun damage significantly.

What are the most frequent maintenance mistakes seen in summer?

Making maintenance mistakes can cause more harm than good for your car. The first big one that you can do is ignore the signs of an upcoming breakdown. You tend to neglect the warnings and not check the fluids of the car regularly.

You tend to wait till the last moment and always rely only on a professional to take care of any problem. You can avoid all this by learning how to maintain your car easily and save a lot of time and money.

Will it be ok to wash the car under the Sun?

This is one question that has received contrasting answers from different people. While some suggest that washing the car under the Sun can actually damage the paint of the car by giving it swirl marks, there are some experts who say that you can do so by taking the proper precautions.

You should keep the exterior of the car cool during the wash by spraying water regularly and also use the right product using the right technique. However, avoid this exercise unless absolutely needed for maximum car protection.

How important is the air filter?

Summer seasons tend to become uncomfortable, especially in closed spaces, like the interior of your car. An air filter takes the hot air from the inside and throws it out while bringing in a positive circulation of cool air from outside. This can reduce the fatigue caused during driving and you tend to remain more alert. Thus, it is clear from the aforementioned points that it is an important part of your car.

How to maintain my A/C?

Other than the air filter, the air conditioner is another important component to keep your car cool and comfortable. Therefore, you should keep servicing it from time to time. If you feel that the A/C is not cooling your car as it used to, check for the refrigerant level. If that is also fine then get it checked by a professional immediately.

Yes, you need to take more precautions and put more time into the maintenance of your car in order to ensure that it functions properly during the summer season. However, if you follow the steps mentioned above, it can become relatively easy.

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