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11 Things Never Do to Your Vehicle

Dec 15, 2020, 9:19 am / Brian Lageose

Although modern cars are equipped with the latest safety features, you also need to make sure that your car is in a perfect shape. Along with adequate car maintenance is sure to follow a certain set of rules to achieve your driving safety. Here are a few things that a car owner must keep in mind once he gets the keys for his new car.

1. Putting your feet on the dashboard

It may sound insane, but putting your feet on the dashboard is way more dangerous than you think. Either you are driving or in the passenger seat, refrain from doing so. This is because sitting position will cause you more damage during an accident. Also, the airbags deploy at 100-200 mph, and sitting with your feet on the dashboard can cause a fractured leg and even severed limbs.

2. Driving with high heels

Maybe you want to look glamorous in those high heels you are wearing, but many people do not understand that driving in high heels can cause you more trouble than you think. Driving needs your feet to always be in motion in order to apply the correct amount of pressure on the pedal. Plus, your heels may get stuck under the pedal, making it impossible for you to take an action in an emergency situation. So, always wear a comfortable set of shoes to ease your driving.

3. Driving with headphones

Driving while your ears are blocked from the sound of an oncoming vehicle is strictly prohibited. Using headphones when you are moving on a busy road or an empty highway will make you deaf to the sound of sirens and horns which could be dangerous in so many ways.

4. Leaving your child in the car

Leaving a child in your car even for a minute is not safe. The most dangerous thing that can lead to the death of your child is hyperthermia. A child's body heats 3-5 times faster compared to an adult, and a car's temperature can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, which means your child may suffocate, even inside the car. So, it's safe to always keep your child with you all the time.

5. Putting too much weight in the ignition

Don't put unnecessary weight with your car keys as it could put a strain on your car ignition. Keep your car key in a separate keychain as attaching too much burden will eventually cause you ignition issues in the future.

6. Waiting until the fuel tank is empty

Don't wait for your fuel tank to get empty before filling it up. Make sure that your fuel tank is always up to the mark so as to avoid any setbacks while on the road. Plus, an empty tank will affect the functionality of your vehicle.

7. Ignore warning signs

Look out for warning signs indicating that your car needs immediate attention. The warning signs may include brake warning signs, low tire pressure signal, low battery, and temperature warning light. Pay attention to any unusual noises from the car engine or look for any fuel leakages.

8. Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking are also prohibited while driving. You are taking a bite of your favorite snack or sipping hot coffee while steering may distract you from driving. Distraction while driving can lead to losing control of your vehicle. Moreover, if you have greasy or oil hands, grabbing the steering wheel may become difficult for you.

9. Opening the radiator cap when the engine is hot

If you ever come across a situation where your engine becomes boiling hot, then you need to move with caution. Don't open the radiator cap while it's hot. Just park your car and let the engine cool down. Opening the radiator cap, when the coolant is hot, will cause the boiling coolant to spurt out, and it may cause your skin to burn.

10. Putting reverse while driving

If you ever had this idea of experimenting, "what happened if I put the car in reverse while moving forward?" Well, this may not be a good idea if you are driving a manual car with a manual transmission. Trying to reverse the car while driving will cause your engine to go all crazy, leading the tire to wear and giving rise to a large squealing sound along with smoke from the engine.

11. Driving with a flat tire

Facing a breakdown because of a flat tire happens very often. Driving with a tire that is low on air pressure damages the tire and the rim and can also make you lose control of your vehicle. So, always make sure that you are driving with a tire that is perfect for driving.

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