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Don't be Afraid of Sun: Here Are the Best Solutions to Keep Car Cool

Aug 17, 2020, 9:20 am / Richard

With the start of summer, the scorching sun is glowing with all its might. To drive a car under the blazing sunlight is a much exhausting task. Where on one hand the harsh rays of the sun are hard to bear, driving a car that is all fumed up by the sun can be totally intolerable. The car functions as a greenhouse allowing the sun rays to pass through the glass surfaces of the car. These waves are absorbed by the car's interior and are emitted back as infrared wavelengths making the car cabin super hot.

As stated by the National Weather Service, "A dark dashboard of the seat can easily reach 180°F to over 200°F“. Furthermore, extreme disclosure to sunlight can harm the exterior of the vehicle. The summer car care is of utmost importance in order to keep your vehicle safe from the hot sun. We have listed some possible solutions to have a cool car surface.


When the car is parked outside your workplace directly beneath the sun, the sun visor can be rather valuable. They are located on the roof of the car directly in front of the windshield with hinges. The basic function of a sun visor is to protect the driver and the passenger from the direct glow of the sunlight. It also blocks the sunlight from entering the car thus, prevents the car from getting all cooked up. More specifically it protects the steering wheel, gear shifter, stereo, seatbelt and seats from burning under the sun. The visor will prolong the life of your car interior by reflecting or absorbing most of the sun rays.


This is the easiest, simplest and inexpensive way to keep your car cool during summer. We all have spare towels at home. Keep some extra towels along with a bottle of water with you in the car. Whenever you feel the heat of the sun on the inner parts of the car simply wipe them with wet towels. The wet towels will absorb the heat from these surfaces and will make it easier for you to touch them.


Window exhauster is powered by solar energy and helps regulate the car temperature by blowing out all the hot air outside the car. The small fan can be adjusted on the car window and can suck out the heat, that will otherwise make your car all steamed up. Even if your car is parked under the fiery sun or you are stuck in heavy traffic in the hot weather, the window exhauster will keep you and your car cool and comfortable.


The simplest version of the car sunshade is formed of nylon polyester blend with a reflective outer surface. The outer layer deflects most of the UV radiation of the sun, permitting just a small amount of rays to be absorbed by the car. Having sunshades on windshield and windows helps to maintain a cool temperature within the vehicle.

Nowadays car sunshades are also being modified to better comply with the demands of car users. One such improved edition includes Lanmodo car sunshade. The versatile nature and advance features of the product contributes to it's increasing success. With the size of 4.8m x 2.3m, it has the ability to cover the entire car body and protect it from hot sun, dust, falling objects etc. It has a strong fibreglass body and the cloth is made-up of 210D oxford material which is very durable. Moreover,it can help decrease car interior temperature up to 36°C during extreme summer without causing any discomfort to you.

The Lanmodo car sunshade comes in a complete package that is easily portable and much simpler to install. Without stressing out you can fix the canopy to your car within 30 seconds and with a simple click of the button, the tent will fold and unfold in exactly 8 seconds. Lastly, this car sunshade can serve multiple purposes and can be transformed into an outdoor umbrella for picnics and beach parties.

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