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How to Protect Your Car Paint?

Mar 12, 2019, 6:19 pm / Lara

The paint finish of your car is perhaps the biggest cosmetic factor that will enhance its look. This is true, irrespective of whether your old car is newly painted or you just bought a new one. Needless to say, the car is a reflection of its owner's personality, so you obviously would want to make it attractive in other people's eyes.

Here are five simple ways to make your car's paint job look radiant:

1. Wash your car regularly and in the right way

Regular washing will keep the paint work of your car in good condition, but only when it is done the right way. Before soaping it, you must first rinse it to remove anything that might result in scratches, when you do the cleaning. Use only cleaning agents that are meant for a vehicle, not harsh detergents. Dry the car off with cotton cloth or any gentle fabric, to prevent water spots.

2. Use paint sealants

Apply paint sealant to your car finish, once or a couple of times a year, as a protection to the paint. Paint sealants offer a high level of protection from ultra violet damage, acid rain and small airborne metal particles. This protective layer is very durable and cannot be easily wiped off. The gloss resulting from its application resembles the reflection of a glass.

3. Wax the car's paint work to keep up the shine

Waxing the paint finish will add an extra layer over your car's exterior, thus giving it additional protection. Polishing is not advised because polish contains abrasives that are used only to clean hard surfaces. When you use it on your car, part of the paint job may be removed and eventually compromise the look of the paint of your vehicle.

4. Promptly remove bird droppings and tree sap

As soon as you become aware of any bird dropping on your car, make sure that it is taken off, as promptly as you should. Bird poop has chemical compounds that will surely damage your car paint. Do the same, when you notice tree sap on the car roof. Do not leave it there long enough to harden under the sun. Of course, you can still have it removed, but it can leave a dull spot on your car paint.

5. Invest in a Lanmodo portable umbrella in car

The ultra violet rays of the sun, along with the other elements of weather like hail, wind, acid rain, dust, leaves and others take a toll on your car's paint work. All these things will eventually lead to the paint fading over a long period. Here is where the Lanmodo car umbrella pitches in and offers a solution to this problem.

The Lanmodo umbrella in car is easy to install and also easy to use, because it is operated by a remote control. You can have it set up in just 30 seconds, fold and unfold in 8 seconds for each operation, and can be done by a single person. While some car tent covers are difficult to operate, the Lanmodo product will not waste your time. It is not complicated, because it uses modern technology. So, even if you are in a rush, you have no worries.

The Lanmodo car umbrella canopy is made of 210D Oxford fabric, which is water resistant and hence makes the umbrella super easy to clean. Simply using mild soap and water, you can easily wash away the dirt build up and make the umbrella look like new again.

The strong fiberglass materials make the car umbrella very durable and able to remain undamaged or unaffected by strong winds, hail and falling objects.

The Lanmodo has a portability feature, which makes it able to be transported anywhere. The product, when folded, is small and weighs very light. It can be stored easily in your car's cargo compartment and taken with you anywhere you need to go and wherever the car needs to be parked.

Additionally, you don't need to worry that the umbrella in car will get stolen. First, it has a anti-theft rope with steel wires that is not so easy to cut and secondly, it is operated with a remote control, so without the remote, the umbrella cannot be folded and taken away by the thieves.

The Lanmodo portable umbrella in car gives you peace of mind and frees you of worries about your car's paintwork being damaged by the elements of the weather. With this innovative product, your investment gets all the protection it needs.

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