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Innovative Lanmodo Car Sun Shade VS Traditional Summer Car Cover

Mar 20, 2019, 9:03 am / Abigail Williams

Are you looking for the best way to protect your car this summer season? A car shade that has the potential to prevent solar damage which might cause malfunction to your precious car is now here and within your reach. A summer car shade must have quite a few amazing features for you to go ahead and grab hold of it. But, which one should you choose? There are an endless number of choices that is available in the market today. Allow us to paint the right picture for you and show you which car cover is best for your car. It's time to beat the unbearable heat that is prevalent outside and prevent your car from suffering the adverse conditions.

Why do you need summer car protection?

Come summer, all you can think about is parking your car in the right place, away from the scorching heat. If you don't get a parking spot outside your supermarket, office, or any other place and it is directly under the sun, then you can't imagine the agony you have to go through when you are trying to drive back home. Using a car shade is the only option you have every time you head out with your car. Summer car protection will keep the interior of the car cool and pleasant.

Sun has the power to cause dry rotting to the interiors of the car and reduce the lifespan of tires. When your car is kept for long duration under the sun, it will have an impact on the engine, carburetor, battery, and other parts. You might not be able to see the damages at first, but it is going to have a serious toll on your car with the passage of time.

Why should you choose Lanmodo car sun shade over the traditional ones?

If you are considering a traditional car cover, then drop the idea right away for the number of cons overshadow the pros. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort trying to set it up. The inconvenience that it causes to the user is beyond any doubt and not worth spending your money on. More than often the fabric or material that is used to design the traditional car covers isn't of superior quality and it keeps rubbing on the car surface and destroys its beauty. Another important thing that about the traditional car shades is that it only covers your car and has absolutely no contribution in keeping the temperature of the car down. This kind of car cover isn't for every four seasons and not weather friendly. So, it is time to make a wise decision and go for the Lanmodo car sun shade.

Lanmodo car shade will provide the best protection to your car

A car's greatest enemy has to be the weather especially the summer. The severe heat and constant exposure to the UV rays can pose devastating effect. Lanmodo car shade takes only eight seconds to provide your car with the shade it needs. It is designed with a folding structure, which means that you can easily put the car shade into your car trunk and it will offer your car protection anywhere, any place.

The smart features of the Lanmodo car shade will prevent sun from ruining the dashboard, paintwork, and upholstery. It is equipped with anti-heat system that will lower the temperature of your car up to 36 degrees, so you will no longer be bothered by the annoying heat when you get in a sun-exposed car. The sturdy and reliable design of the Lanmodo car shade along with its 210D Oxford fabric and fiberglass material is crucial for protecting your car in summer. The canopy of this car tent will reflect the sunlight and keep the car cool.

The Lanmodo car sun shade will not harm the surface of your car yet offers it unbeatable protection. However, this isn't all that Lanmodo summer car protection is capable of doing. It will protect your car from dust, rain, and bird droppings. Your car will finally get the overall protection it deserves within seconds.

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