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How to Prepare for Winter Driving with Ford Focus?

Mar 13, 2019, 2:28 pm / Brian Lageose

As we draw nearer to the winter season, many of us are getting ourselves ready so that the season doesn't get us unawares. One of the ways most people are preparing for this awaited season is by bringing together tools and equipment that will be needed to keep the car in tip-top condition. In this regard, car covers are becoming popular in the market. An outdoor car cover for winter is without a doubt the most reliable equipment that you cannot afford to miss in your car maintenance kit. This article will guide you on what you should do to prepare for winter driving with Ford Focus.

Part 1: Keeping the Exterior Shiny

The maintenance procedure for any vehicle begins with cleanliness. The level of cleanliness determines to a great extent the length of time it is going to remain in good condition. For a Ford Focus, this matter is even more critical especially during the winter. You need to ensure that all the elements of the vehicle are as clean as possible and an excellent place to start is the exterior. When you bought the Ford Focus the first time, it was shiny and sleek. You need to maintain this appearance by washing with warm water followed by waxing the paint. Waxing leaves the body looking shiny, glossy and brand new. That is not all, still, on the exterior, make sure to repair the chips and replace the wiper. Even if the wiper looks sturdy, it could succumb to the weather conditions of the winter because it is going to be at work for like 90% of the time.

Part 2: Cleaning the Interior

A well-maintained interior says a lot about the owner, and for the most part, people pay little attention to this aspect of car maintenance. However, when it comes to the winter, cleaning the interior is just as important as maintaining the external parts. As such, you are advised to make this an essential part of car maintenance by making it a routine. In preparation for winter driving with Ford Focus, start by cleaning the air conditioning of the car followed by applying the car seats with some leather or fabric conditioner. But, before you begin conditioning the car seats, start by dusting the dashboard. It has the tendency to accumulate dust over time.

Part 3: Maintaining Under the Hood

Although this may seem like a routine procedure, it is actually of very high importance to ensure that everything is okay under the hood. This involves checking the engine, the battery, and the oil levels. Servicing your engine leaves in good condition such that you are not likely to be faced with an unexpected emergency in the middle of nowhere. Engine failure is one of the most common faults during the winter. As for the battery, ensure that it is fully charged and in good condition. Check the oil and replace it if need be. You do not want to be caught up with a crisis involving oil in the middle of the winter season.

Part 4: Packing the Essential Tools

There are several tools that you are going to need for your winter driving with a Ford Focus to be enjoyable and hassle-free. First on the list is the toolset for cleaning snow and ice. You know how it gets with snow and ice situation in the winter, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Do not leave behind an ice scrapper, a snow brush and a snow shovel. These are the three most important tools for cleaning snow and ice from your Ford Focus.

In addition to keeping your car free of snow and ice, you should also include tools that will help to keep you warm. These include an extra snowsuit, a scarf and a pair of gloves. Last but not least, park tools for sheltering your Ford Focus. A car cover will do this work in the best way possible by protecting your car from the falling snow and hail. For a winter car cover, I'd recommend the Lanmodo winter car cover, which is designed to easily fit in the car truck without taking up too much space. In addition to that, it comes in a foldable design which makes it compact and quite easy to carry. The Lanmodo car cover is made from high-quality and robust fiberglass which makes it suitable to protect your Ford Focus from all the snow and hail that falls on the car.

What is more interesting about the Lanmodo car suit is the fact that it is not only meant for the Ford Focus. If you have other vehicles such as the SUV or pickup, this car cover suit will take care of you.

When preparing for a winter driving with Ford Focus, it is always important to ensure that you park all the essential tools in addition to keeping the vehicle in good condition. The Lanmodo winter weather car cover is an ideal car protection kit that takes care of a wide variety of vehicles in your parking.

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