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Effective Methods to Remove Frost and Ice from Windshield

Mar 13, 2019, 11:21 am / Lara

Winter months are very difficult to drive safe on the road because of heavy frost, ice and snow. But when the accumulation of the frost and ice happen on the windshield the health of the car gets affected especially when you need to remove them forcefully. There are some effective methods which you can adopt to keep your car windshield safe from ice accumulation in the frizzy winter season. Scroll down to read as how you can remove frost and ice from windshield in an effective way.

Method 1: Warm the air to melt the ice

Warming up the car is one of the best and hassle free way to melt the ice which is accumulated on the windshield. But how you are going to do that? The best way to do this is to start the car. When the engine water temperature rises, blow the glass with a warm wind until the ice melts. But there are few cons in this process. If the ice is huge then it may cost you lots of time, energy and oil of the car. If you can afford it then go for this method.

Method 2: Physically remove the ice

If you trust the power of your hands then you can take the chance to deice the windshield physically. You can make use of deicing tools, hard plastic scraper or glass frost shovel to deice. At time of removing ice and snow, avoid scratching glass. If you are using plastic scrapers or glass frost shovels then that should not be scratched back and forth. That need to be pushed in the same direction so that will not cause scratch on the glass.

Method 3: Chemically deice the frost and ice

You can take advantage of spray ice remover. It is a high speed ice spray concentrate which is designed for frozen windows and wiper thawing. If you go with this method then the ice can be removed without damaging the body surface and will further prevent freezing and fouling. This way you can prevent windshield and windows from icing. It won't damage the body surface and you need to clean the glass after spraying, and this do not leave marks.

Method 4: Keep the temperature consistent inside and outside the vehicle

After using the car for one day, don't make the mistake of immediately lock the car and leave. You need to open the door and ventilate it. When the temperature in the car drops to the same temperature as the outside of the car (say for about one minute), then turn on the power. Now you need to make use of a wiper to brush the frost and snow on the windshield again; after that, close the door and lock the car. The next morning, as long as the snow on the windshield is removed, there is no ice under the snow, so that you can drive on the road immediately.

Method 5: Use the cover to prevent the snow

A car canopy will be an undoubted best choice for keeping the car protected in the winter months and especially from snow and ice. You need to cover your car with winter car cover to prevent the frost and ice. There are many car canopies manufacturing company in the market and they design the covers with unique features which makes it different from its competitors. One of the very trusted companies of the industry on which you can bank for car cover is Lanmodo. The Lanmodo winter car cover can fully shelter the car and has a sturdy structure to withstand the snow falling and its accumulation on your car roof. It is the ideal windshield protective cover for winter. You can easily clean the frost and ice on the roof canopy rather than cleaning of the car roof and windows.

You can buy the Lanmodo car canopy directly from the store or from any reputed online stores which are dealing in this product. Many customers already took advantage of this car cover and happy with its services. You can go through all 5 methods and take the call regarding the best suitable method for you.

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