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A Guide for Lanmodo Winter Car Cover

Mar 13, 2019, 11:40 am / Evelyn Smith

The winter is on and so what are your plans for winter car protection? Well the fact is that for winter car protection, different drivers prefer different ways to protect their car at time of driving, parking as well as for overall maintenance. Use of winter car cover is one of the best ways among them in order to ensure that the car remains healthy and fit in the winter months to serve the owner best. Some drivers may have chosen Lanmodo winter car cover for their car and here we are going to share with you about how it offers winter protection to cars.

What is it made of?

Any idea about what this product is made of? Well, Lanmodo winter car cover is made of mixed materials which include metal, fiberglass structure and 210D Oxford cloths. All these materials make this car cover sturdy, durable and waterproof as well as has a good function to withstand snow and hail in winter seasons.

How it works to your car?

Now the next question that will come to your mind is how this cover will work for your car protection. Winter parking of the car you make either in front of your home or outdoor place when you drive the car out for office or for some outing, in this case, your car needs a Lanmodo car cover. It acts as an umbrella to shed your car from winter weather damage. This automatic winter car cover is easy to install by using a remote control. You will need just 30 secs time to install it. For opening and closing not more than 8 sec will be needed respectively for the canopy. It can work at temperatures between below minus 20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius so you needn't worry about it as it will be not out of service when there is cold. The strength suction cup will secure it firmly on the car roof. Besides, there are four windproof straps fixed on front mirrors and door handles to fasten it to prevent wind damage.

What other functions does it have?

You may feel is that all what you can expect from the famous Lanmodo cover. Well no, there are many other things that it can do for you. Just check out the below points:

  1. Lanmodo car cover not only protects your car in winter, but also protects your car in other seasons too. For example it can shelter your car from spring bird droppings, summer hot sun and fallen leaves in autumn. It is indeed a four-season car cover for you.
  2. It is a diversity car cover that can be used as a yard umbrella, night party tent, camping tent with extra accessories, even can be an outdoor movie screen. Hope it sounds great for you. In short we can say it is a perfect outdoor material for your outing.

Where to buy it?

One of the biggest questions for you is to buy it but from where. We understand the fact that these days life is too demanding and you hardly get the time to go for buying this product. Aside to this you are also not sure which store in your locality will have it with them. To simplify this problem and to make it easy for the buyers to shop Lanmodo is making this product available online. You can directly Google Lanmodo and order on Lanmodo Official Website. Yes, it's that simple. If you are an Amazon member then you can buy it on Amazon. All that you need to do is to just search Lanmodo on Amazon. You will get it in one click. Place order and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

If you are an overseas buyer then you needn't pay any shipping fee. You just need to pay the Customs fee when the good arrives in your country, but you can search in your country to find whether there are agents. If yes, then you can buy from them so that you needn't pay any extra fee.

Want to give the best protection to your car this winter? Place your order for Lanmodo winter car cover today and enjoy a relaxed life.

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