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Top 3 Car Window Sunshade for Cars

Mar 6, 2019, 4:51 pm / Evelyn Smith
If you are planning to travel with your family on this coming holiday using your car, one of the things you need to plan for is best sunshade for car window. This is to protect you and your family from direct heat of the sun. There are several sunshades for cars in the market today from which you need to select the one that will best serve you. This post is dedicated to offer you more information about 3 car window sunshade for cars. Reading through this post will increase your chance of getting the right car window sunshade that will perfectly suit your car and give you complete shade while you cruise in your car.

Part 1:Roller Sunshade for Car Slide Show

The roller sunshade is one type of sunshade for car side window. It comes in different designs and styles offering great advantages to the user. The ease of use associated with roller sunshade is among the things that made needed by car owners. But, while this roller sunshade for car slide show, the downside associated with this sunshade is that it only covers the side window on the car. For that reason, it cannot offer complete sunshade needed by car owners. Another thing about the side window sunshades for cars is that the function is not truly noticeable. It is also only made for side window and lack the ability to cover and protect car as required.

Part 2:Car Sunscreen for Car front Window

Another type of sunshade available in the market is the car sunscreen for car front window. It is built basically to protect passengers and drivers alike from the ray of the sun coming directly from the front windscreen. With car front window sunshade you are going to stand chance of avoiding direct effect of the sun while driving on a sunny day. While car windscreen sunshade is known to do small sunshade function, the effect is not noticeable on some big vehicles. That is why most people do not even like to have it in their cars even while driving on a road with intense scorching of the sun.

Another thing about this kind of car window is that it is made only protect either the front window or rear window. The rear window sunshade for cars only protects the back side of car windscreen while the front sunshade protects only the front end. For this particular reason, if you are looking for the sunshade made for car that can completely protect your car from direct sunlight the car screen for car front window will not be the best choice.

Part 3: Lanmodo Car Sunshade

The Lanmodo car sunshade is an automatic car sunshade built with ease of use feature. There are great advantages associated with lanmodo car sunshade which made it the right choice for all car users. Below are the reasons why Lanmodo car sunshade is the best:
  1. Absolute Protection and Covering: Unlike other car sunshades that only cover a particular part leaving other parts uncovered, the Lanmodo car sunshade is built to offer absolute covering. Using this sunshade you will be sure of covering the front windows, rear windows, side windows and others. Also, to ensure absolute covering, this umbrella is built to suit cars of different sizes. So, you can use it on mini cars, buses as well as trucks.
  2. Anti-Heated Theory and Temperature Control: If you are using Lanmodo car sunshade, you will be sure of cool and calm car interior. The reason for this is due to the anti-heated theory which to ensure overall temperature control. The temperature different between car with lanmodo sunshade umbrella and the one that do not have is up to 36°C.
  3. Ease Use Features: With the retractable design, and automatic folding functionality of lanmodo car umbrella, you will not need to pass through any form of stress to make use of it. Just press on the remote control and the lanmodo umbrella will automatically come up on itself to offer you protection you need.
  4. Quiet Portable with Easy Storage: You will never think of where to install your lanmodo car umbrella as it is built with great portability. Though, it looks big while spread to cover entire car, it is also portable to stored at one end of your car trunk.
  5. Made With Water Proof and Rainproof Material: Your car will not be wet with rain water when you have Lanmodo car umbrella over it. This automatic and specially designed umbrella is made with waterproof and rainproof material. These and more are the reasons why Lanmodo car sunshade is the best sunshade for cars in the market.

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