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The Top 3 Retractable Car Sunshade

Nov 10, 2018, 4:50 pm / Evelyn Smith
Are you planning for long trip on your car? Do you want to travel with your family, pets and children involve? Then you should think of getting a sunshade. With the help of folding car shelter you will be able to protect yourself and children in the car from the ultra violet ray of the harsh scorching sun. To make thing easy for you, there is need for you to go for Lanmodo retractable car sunshade. With the help of well built accordion sunshade car you will be sure of complete protection from scorching of the sun while on the move. Another reason for sunshade is to reduce the temperature of your car interior by blocking sun ray using the sunshade. This article is dedicated to introduce you about top 3 retractable car sunshades in the market.

Part 1: Retractable Car Window Sunshade

The retractable or folding car sunshade is built in various forms and shapes. You can find the ones built for front windscreen of your car. That will help block out sun ray coming directly towards the front of the car. Blocking the sun using front screen sunshade will save the driver and passenger on the side from direct effect of scorching of the sun. You can also find retractable sunshade built for the side window of your car. The images for the retractable sunshade are below.

Part 2: Retractable Car Shelter

This is another type of car cover, though retractable yet, big and unmovable. This kind of car cover is good for camping without much need to move from one place to another. For that reason, if you are looking for a retractable car cover or sunshade that will save you from the effect of the sun, while on transit this big and fix sunshade will not be the option you need. The big size is the major issue about this canopy which made most people not to be able to make use of it.

Part 3: Lanmodo Car Sunshade

The Lanmodo car sunshade is the best sunshade you need while embarking on a journey with your family and do not want to suffer from harsh scorching sun. It is built with tractable structure making it easy for users to open it when needed and retract it back when there is no need for it. The tractable feature of this folding car canopy works automatically. That means you will not bother yourself applying manual setup when you have the fold-able sunshade installed.
When packed this Lanmodo retractable sunshade for cars look quite small but when opened it is big enough to cover all kind of cars no matter the size. It is a well customized car sunshade that can easily serve for SUV, mini cars as well as pickup of various sizes
  1. The Temperature Different Of a Car with Lanmodo Sunshade and the One Without
    If you want to put your car under controlled temperature then, you need Lanmodo car sunshade. The temperature different between a car with Lanmodo sunshade and the one without is about 36°C.
  2. The Lanmodo Sunshade Is both a Sunshade and Protection
    Apart from the fact this device offers great sunshade feature to car users, it is also built with features that can help protect a car from damage. With this sunshade on your car, bird droppings, rain drop and even sunlight will not get to the body to tarnish the paint of your car. More so, it is built with more features such windproof, anti-theft as well as rainproof features. These and more are what made Lanmodo car sunshade the best for all mini cars, pickup as well as SUV car owners.

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