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How to Find a Suitable Sunshade for Your Car

Nov 10, 2018, 3:49 pm / Evelyn Smith

Part 1: Why we need a sunshade for car?

There are so many reasons we need sunshade for our car and the reasons may differ from one person to another. Among reasons for sunshade there are major ones that always force people even who do not originally want to buy a sunshade for their car to do so. High temperature is one of the major reasons why most people are forced to buy car sunshade. Leaving your vehicle under the scorching of the sun without a sunshade can result to serious discomfort and challenge when you will want to drive the car. That is among the reasons why you need to buy sunshade for our car. The uncomfortable experience associated with intense heat from the sun usually forces so many people into investing into sunshade. You can easily protect your car interior from dry rotting when you install sunshade designed to suit your vehicle. Sunshade can easily protect you from being backed when there is high temperature. Breathlessness coupled with other dangerous experience is among the reasons most of us do consider getting a sunshade for our car. In fact, with the help of sunshade in your car, you will always enjoy cool and pleasurable experience in your car.

Part 2: How to Choose a Good Sunshade for Your Car

There are several car covers in the market designed to help protect car from heat coming directly from the sun. Each of the covers is built with features that made it unique from other. There is traditional car cover, made with different fabric materials. So, you can easily select the one you want base on fabric used in the construction. You can find more of the traditional car cover online. While traditional car cover can completely cover entire car it still has some cons which made it not efficient in protecting car against heat from the sun. Some of the cons are:
  1. Difficulty in installation or setup
  2. Just protect against dust without reducing high temperature
  3. Not really suitable for all car types
  4. It is made with uneven quality.
Car Window Shade
Car window shade comes in different types, designs and brands. While it can be used to cover the windows it does not actually offer real sunshade features. Some of the cons associated with car window shade are:
  1. Usually comes in small sizes
  2. Can only small portion of car like cover windows without covering entire car
  3. Does not have much function when it comes to sunshade
  4. Car temperature instead of decreasing will continue to increase.
The Lanmodo Auto Car Sunshade
Just by mere looking at Lanmodo auto car cover you need no other explanation to understand while so many car owners are going for it instead of the traditional car covers or car window shade. It is really the best sunshade for car of all types, designs and model. Another thing about this sunshade is that it comes in various sizes meaning that you can easily find the size that will perfectly match your car. Below are the summarized reasons why customers are constantly going for Lanmodo auto car sunshade instead of any other brands or types in the market:
  1. The design of the umbrella is pretty cool and amazing.
  2. Complete car cover with sunshade purpose.
  3. Can cool down car temperature.
  4. Suitable for all size cars including pickup, SUV car, mini cars, and others.
  5. It also helps to protect the car against damages from bird droppings, acid rains, deciduous leaves and lots more.
  6. It comes with automatic design.
  7. Nice quality with good material.
In fact, there are several other desirable pros associated with Lanmodo auto car cover which made it a must for all car owners.

Part 3: The Anti-Heated Theory of Lanmodo Car Sunshade

Lanmodo car sunshade is built with teach improved features and functionalities. With the anti-heated theory of this car umbrella, you will be protecting your vehicle against any form of interior rotting. Also, you will not be backed by the scorching heat of the sun while inside your car when you have Lanmodo sunshade. You can get information about specification about this sunshade on Lanmodo website. Also, if you order for this car umbrella you are going to get package with the following items inside:
  1. 1 Auto Car Umbrella
  2. 1 Remote Controller
  3. 1 Car Charger
  4. 1 Wall Charger
  5. 1 Warranty Card
  6. 1 User Guide.
Lanmodo anti-heated theory explained In the Lanmodo anti-heated theory, it is explained that hot sunshine will not directly heat on your car. The reason is that the fabric used for design of the car umbrella has the ability to absorb the heat coming from the sun making the car to remain cool with well controlled temperature at all time.

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