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How to Maintain the Shiny Looks of Your Car Exterior

Mar 12, 2019, 5:50 pm / Evelyn Smith

Everybody loves the shiny look of their new cars. Remember the look of your car when you first brought it home from the dealership? The clean and shiny look is a source of attraction and satisfaction. After using the car for a while, you begin to wonder what happens to all that shine. Don't worry, here are some tips to get the car exterior shining again and maintain its new looks.

1. Invest in an outdoor car tent

The weather elements can constitute serious damage to your car. If your car stays outside more often, it is bound to grow old quicker and lose its gloss. The best way to ensure your car protected from the harmful effects is investing in a quality car tent.

The Lanmodo car tent is designed to protect your car in all weather conditions. It is made from high-quality canopy that can shield your car from fallen leaves, dust, bird droppings and other harmful factors, therefore making the car exterior look new. What's better, the Lanmodo outdoor car tent comes with a remote control system, therefore it takes only 8 seconds to open or close the car tent once you press the button. In addition, its material is lightweight, and drivers can put the Lanmodo car tent in trunk and take out easily, so they can use it to protect your car anytime and anywhere. Lanmodo's solid fiberglass frame is designed to withstand accidentally falling objects and even hail. For extra protection, Lanmodo also comes with anti-wind straps that are attached to the side glasses and door handles, thus being able to resist strong winds.

2. Correct and regular wash

For most of us who go out every day for work and other businesses, we figure out that during most parts of the day, our cars are parked outside. This means that dust and dirt easily settle on the car. Accumulation of dirt can be very harmful to your car body. That's why it is very important to ensure your car gets a regular and proper cleaning daily. To understand the best way to clean your car, it is important to first understand the condition of the car. Generally, new cars may require just a suitable wash and coating with wax to look good.

Ensure to use the right products when washing your car. Different kinds of car paints may require different specifications. Invest more in cloths made of microfiber and ensure to keep separate cloths for different parts of the car. Remember to keep your washing cloths clean after use. Invest in car washing liquids if you want your car paints to last longer. Never use detergents and dish-washing liquid for washing your car. These liquids can affect your car paint adversely. Use a lot of water to soften large chunks of dirt that may get stuck to your car. This process helps to protect your car from getting scratched during washing. Dry off car exterior after washing with a clean cloth.

3. Add a thin layer of wax

Just like our body needs sunscreen, your car exterior needs waxing regularly to help it maintain its shine. Solar radiation is one of the greatest enemies to car paint. Waxing your car properly will help to protect the paint and preserves the gloss of your car for a long time. There are basically two types of waxes available in the market, namely carnauba and polymer. The choice between a polymer wax and carnauba depends on your preference. A polymer wax, however, is easier to apply and wash off.

Before applying a car wax, it is important to ensure that you dry off the water from the car after washing. Apply a thin layer of wax gently over the car and allow it to dry before applying another coat, if necessary.

It is the dream of every car owner to savor the new looks of their car every day. Adhering to the three points raised above will help you maintain that new glossy looks for a long time.

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