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Car Night Vision Systems Comparison: In-built VS External

Jun 30, 2021, 5:03 pm / Abigail Williams

We know how useful Night Vision Systems (NVS) were during the World War II. The same technology has long since been developed to be used in automotive industry and the first automotive night vision system was developed in 2000 by General Motors. At first, they were developed as in-built addition to luxury cars like Cadillac. Later on, German auto moguls, BMW and Mercedes Benz, followed suit.

It was not until recent years, that people realized that in addition to the luxury cars, the owners of low-end vehicles can also reap the benefits of NVS. High-quality external NVS systems have been developed since then. The most prominently used external NVS among others is Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System. To help you understand the in-built and external Night Vision System, we have made a comparison between them. Before learning the differences, let us find out how useful Night Vision Systems are.

The Advantages of Car Night Vision System

There are many benefits of Night Vision Systems that you are not aware of. Whether it is an in-built NVS or an external one, you can see how useful it is once you start using it.

  1. Better than car headlights
  2. When you are driving in the night, low and high beam is not enough for you to see what lies ahead of you. While driving in the low beam, you may not see the sharp turn on time to make a quick decision. Sometimes even the high beam fails to alert you of the vehicle in front of you because your eyes require time to adjust to the sudden brightness. This may cause you to overlook the vehicle leading to an accident. In these cases, the NVS can help you by offering a crystal clear view of what's lying ahead your vehicle.

  3. Provide safety along the road
  4. There is no doubt automotive night vision system can provide safety for driver's all along the road. Whether it is raining heavily or it is foggy outside, the NVS can clearly show you the road situation. This enables you to make the decision right on time to avoid unfortunate scenes.

  5. The best night driving companion
  6. If you travel frequently in the night, you may have observed pedestrian walking or animals crossing the road and have had difficulty in spotting them far away. In many cases, this has led to fatal accidents. You can avoid all these unforeseen incidents by having an efficient NVS fitted in your vehicle. The NVS shows you the animals and humans long before your headlights spot them.

Comparison Between In-built and External Night Vision Systems

  1. Applicable car models
  2. In-built System: Like the name says, the In-built NVS are made specifically for limited kinds of vehicles. BMW and Mercedes Benz are the leading companies that offer NVS in their luxury series. In-built ones are more convenient to use, of course, by inserting it into your automotive control system.

    Lanmodo NVS: It's not always necessary that whatever is provided by the in-built version is the best you will ever get. Since in-built systems are only suitable for specific car models, Lanmodo has designed the external system in such a way that it fits 99% of the vehicle. You can even fit the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System into heavy-loaded vehicles like trucks and large buses.

  3. Image resolution
  4. In-built NVS: The standard image offered by any in-built NVS is in black-and-white, which is not that friendly to eyes. And such night vision vehicle camera does not offer clear pictures as they are shown at 480 pixels.

    Lanmodo 1080P NVS: When you go for Lanmodo's Night Vision Car System, you can expect high-definition, full-color image with 1080 pixels, giving you as clear picture as seeing them in daylight. Even the rear camera gives you better picture quality than the in-built devices with 1080 pixels.

  5. Vision angle
  6. In-built NVS: Vision angle is one of the most important factors when deciding the advantages NVS will bring you. The greater the vision angle, the greater will be the amount of things you are able to see with the help of the NVS. Talking about in-built NVS, it's an established fact that they do not provide a very wide vision angle. Most of the times, the vision angle provided varies from company to company and car to car. However, it mostly tends to range between 18 and 30 degrees, which are even only provided in luxury cars.

    Lanmodo night vision system: In the Lanmodo NVS, the vision angle turns out to be at 45 degrees, far better than the in-built ones. Hence it doesn't really matter what car you have, you will manage to get better vision angle than those luxury cars. Not only will you be able to see better, you'll see more as well.

  7. Price and installation
  8. In-built NVS: It is easy to assume that the in-built NVS would be expensive, and not just slightly. It is so due to the fact that it has to be installed into the dashboard and requires lot of effort. The price of an in-built NVS is normally more than $2000. Not only is the installation hard, but removing the NVS also becomes really difficult if you ever have to get it removed, which cannot be done without professional help and is really a nuisance.

    Lanmodo NVS: Once again, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system seems to have the advantage because it doesn't have to be installed inside the dashboard, just place it on your dashboard and connect to power, really simple to do. For that reason, the price of the NVS remains below $499. Not only does that become really light on your wallet, it also makes the entire installation very convenient. If you ever need to take the NVS off, you can easily do that without needing any professional help.

In-built night vision systemLanmodo Vast Pro night vision system
Image colorBlack and whiteFull color
Vision angle18°/30°45°
Applicable car modelsSpecific car model99% car models
PriceAbout $2500<$499

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