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Car Night Vision Camera: the Key to Improve Night Driving Safety

Jun 30, 2021, 7:07 pm / Abigail Williams

The lack of natural sunlight from 6 pm till 6 am can compromise human vision and thus, increases the likelihood of getting into an accident. However, under certain situations, you may need to drive in these dicey hours, and taking the support of headlight to look around might not be efficient in low-lit areas. Therefore, drivers must install safety car gadgets in their vehicles to improve their nighttime safety.

In this regard, a night vision camera is one of the safest devices for your car. These night-vision cameras are not only designed to inform you about all the possible hazards but will even navigate you in extreme weather conditions when seeing ahead on the road becomes impossible for you. The sensors of night vision cameras detect and take inputs from the surroundings and send signals in case of any obstacle along the way. So, instead of turning on high beam light, which can cause the oncoming driver to be blindsided, use a car night vision camera to spot pedestrians, vehicles, dumps or even animals on the road to have a safe and secure ride at night.

Generally speaking, there are 3 different types of night vision cameras, based on the technology they use.

#1 Thermal Imaging Night Vision

This particular type of system depends on its sensors immensely. Every object around us releases some kind of heat and the thermal imaging camera detects that heat along with the tiny differences of heat among various objects. We may think that objects placed in a single area might appear to have the same temperature, but that is not the case. Different material radiates different thermal energy and the thermal imaging night vision system read the emitted heatwaves and then displays it in the form of an image on the screen, regardless of the lighting conditions. This system may look complex but in reality, these cameras are extremely user friendly and are easy to understand.

#2 Active Infrared Night Vision

This type of night vision system uses near-infrared lights to illuminate the objects. The advantage of this system is its quality to highlight every single detail on the road without causing temporary night blindness to the driver approaching from the opposite end. The infrared light provides high contrast images of pedestrians, animals, and vehicles even after the sunset. However, sometimes harsh weather conditions like heavy fog or rain may affect the quality of the image produced by an active infrared night vision system.

#3 Low-light Imaging Night Vision

This sort of night vision system uses a technology that multiplies infrared light and natural visible light a thousand times and provides a clear and crystal view of the road even in low-lit areas. In other words, this system uses image intensifiers to enhance all the possible hindrances en route. These image intensifiers make this design of a night vision system the most reliable one in the market.

A Color Night Vision Camera from Lanmodo

When it comes to safety there's no better option than the Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera. This device incorporates near-infrared with low light imaging technology to improve the driver's visibility. It has numerous features which makes it the perfect choice for your car, some of them are-

  1. HD&Full Colour Images

Lanmodo Vast Pro presents a wide-angle vision of 45 degrees on its 8 IPS screen display. Not only this, but the camera also produces a 1080P high-resolution full-color image which enables the driver to have a complete real-life view of the road. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to see hurdles as clearly as shown by this camera because of its ability to presents top-notch quality of images. Moreover, the colorful display of this night vision system is eye-friendly, which means you use it for your long trips as well without harming your eyes.

  1. Easy Installation

You may think that it will require a lot of effort to install this system, but that is not the case. Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System comes with a kit and an understandable manual with clear instructions. You can either place the system on your dashboard or attach it to the windshields of your car with the help of a suction cup. After placing it at the right spot, connect the provided cable to an OBD or cigarette lighter.

  1. Affordable Price

Another feature that makes it stand out from others is its price point. The built-in night vision system costs thousands of dollars to have them installed in your car, but in contrast, you can get Lanmodo Vast Pro costs a couple hundred dollars. So, if you're a frequent night driver or not, this affordable system has got you all covered up and allows you to enjoy your night driving adventures.

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