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How Car Technologies Have Changed Your Driving?

Jun 30, 2021, 7:12 pm / Evelyn Smith

Today, we live in a heavily tech-focused world where almost our whole life is somehow dependent upon these technologies. We are surrounded by technological devices so much that we can't even imagine spending a single day without them. We rely on technology to connect with people, at work, to travel and even to learn new things. The technological advancements not only make our lives easier and trouble-free but are also designed to provide us safety and comfort in every aspect of life.

Similarly, over the past few years, the automotive industry is bringing new and advanced innovations into the automobile to provide extra security and protection to the drivers and riders. Innovations like Night Vision Camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Detector, etc. are some of the amazing safety gadgets which help the drivers in crucial times and make it easy and safe for them to drive on the road. A couple of people have even shared their views regarding these advanced car technologies and the importance of these in their day-to-day travel.

Aaron and Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System (NVS)

I'm a single father of two beautiful girls and have many responsibilities on my hand. Hence, I work 2 shifts to manage monthly expenses. Coming home late is quite normal for me, but lately I've started facing some trouble while driving at night time due to low lighting.

In fact, one time, I almost killed an animal on the road because I couldn't see it properly with only headlights. That day, I decided to install Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System in my car. Let me tell you, now I feel so relaxed with this device installed in my car, I can detect every pedestrian, animal, and object from almost 300m ahead which gives me enough time to take the necessary measures. Moreover, this night vision system has an 8" IPS display and offers a 1080P high-resolution full-color image, which reflects the real road situation on the screen. And the best part is, this device is applicable to almost 99% of the vehicles and is super economical, so any type of driver can have it and make their journeys safe and secure.

Barlow and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

I'm a long-distance truck driver and spend most of my days on the road. In my profession, timing is everything, hence to save up some time I avoid taking breaks during my journey. But continuous driving makes me tired and drowsy which is extremely dangerous when you are driving on a highway, one mistake and you can end up in a hospital. Therefore, one of my friend suggested me to use an Adaptive Cruise Control System to manage my car's speed on the highway, and trust me it's the best device for people like me. The sensors of this device detect the vehicles in the proximity and adjust the car speed accordingly. Also, it will maintain the optimal distance among the vehicle, thus, reducing the chances of a car collision.

Troy and Ambient Interior Lighting

I change my car every now and then as I love trying out different car models. But in each car I try to add a personalized touch. Adding aesthetic seat covers, comfortable steering wheel cover and beautiful floor mats are a must for me. But a few months back, I read about ambient lighting in cars and decided to give it a try. I ordered them online and installed them as soon as they arrived. And I fell in love with them right away. The lighting illuminates the car interior and brightens up the mood. Apart from this, it also eliminates fatigue and increases alertness. For me, this is the best investment I've done so far.

Jessie and Automatic Parking

I received my driving license six months back but when it comes to parking I still get a little bit scared. My office parking is always filled with numerous cars and once I have even hit a car while parking. Gladly, I was saved and there wasn't any damages. After that incident, my father installed the Automatic Parking System in my car. This advanced technology assists motorists like me who lack the skills of parking a car. The attached sensors on all four sides detect the nearby objects and other vehicles and maneuver the wheels accordingly. With this device you can park easily in all kinds of spaces, whether perpendicular, horizontal, or parallel.

William and Automatic Car Protection Cover

I live in a small house with no garage due to which I have to park my car outside. Constant exposure to sun and other extreme weather conditions started causing the car paint to fade. I started noticing small bumps and dents on my car after every rainfall. When I went to the mechanic, he advised me to start using the Automatic Car Protection Cover. And now, I always park my car under this cover and I have definitely started noticing the difference, I feel my car is now completely protected. Rainwater and harmful UV rays don't damage my car anymore. And the best part about the this car cover is that you can set it up in no time, with the remote control you can easily open and close it with just a click. And also, unlike ordinary car covers, there is no chance of automatic cover being stolen because without the remote you cannot fold and take it away.

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