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Car Talk: What Will My Car Be Look Like in the Future?

Jun 30, 2021, 7:10 pm / Lara

The automobile industry has been continuously facing some serious issues when it comes to making newer car models. The manufactures not only have to consider safety and efficiency but also need to make these cars cheap, edgy, and distinctive. The traditional patterns are gradually changing as the digital revolution progress.

Drivers often have an emotional link with their cars and no matter how smart a car is they simply can't just sit back and watch the machine do all the work. However, car manufacturers think otherwise. They want to develop a car that will not be dependent on the drivers. And the car makers are moving towards this development cautiously. But don't worry, these car makers surely know how to satisfy the drivers and understand the emotions of the people who love to drive. The car of the future will surly have all the incredible features you can think of and this article will tell you all about them.

What will your car be made of?

The main focus of these car manufacturers is to make the future vehicle as much insubstantial as possible. By the year 2040, the gearbox and engine are going to design using plastic material to make some significant difference in weight. Along with these changes, the car structure will likely be formed using carbon fiber, lightweight steel and aluminum, and some other bio-materials.

What will your car interior look like?

We often see either digital instrument cluster or digital infotainment in luxury cars today. The next step is to combine these 2 systems and provide the ultimate and impeccable system to enhance your car's interior. Imagine having a large LCD in your car, almost as big as the width of your vehicle. Moreover, the option to customize your own car's interior to have a completely personalized dashboard along with a personalized theme for the infotainment system is seen as the next step for the new generation's car interior.

What new technologies be put in your car?

Car engines may not be as useful in futuristic cars as they are today. Their main purpose will be to support the electric motor only. This will also affect the size of the engine. Once the cars become completely electric, the engines will become smaller and will be highly efficient with the help of an electrical boost system. Apart from the engine, the role of tires will also change significantly. In the coming years, the tire makers are planning to build tires that can wirelessly communicate information to the vehicles. The tires will be able to change shape as per the road condition. If the vehicle can detect the composition of the tires and how is it performing then the vehicles can share information about the current road condition to the other vehicles via V2V connectivity. Moreover, the batteries of the electric car in the future will take only about 20-25 minutes to charge, allowing you to drive up to 500 miles in a single charge.

Will you still be putting petrol and diesel in your car?

There are 2 concepts when it comes to fuel in futuristic cars. Hydrogen power has the chance to replace fossil fuels in the nearby future. However, according to British Petroleum, these fossil fuels are going to get cheaper in the upcoming years. Also, as technology progresses, the extraction of oil and gas will become easier. Hence, as per these predictions, liquid fuels are likely to fulfill the global energy demand for transport until the year 2050.

Who or what will be driving your car?

The self-driven cars, also known as Autonomous Cars, are the next big step in the automobile industry. Major car manufacturers are working on this concept. Anyhow, this development will take place in stages. And the recent development like cruise control and driver assistance system has allowed us to remove our hands and feet from wheels and pedals in certain situations. The success of these inventions has enabled the car manufacturers to move to the next stage, which is driving without eyes, which means 100% autonomy. The engineers are working to replace human sight with multiple cameras, sensors, and laser. These systems will reproduce the real road situation in 3D, based on which the car will solely make its own navigation decisions.

We know many people are on the edge of their seats and waiting for the car of the next generation. But don't worry, the car of the future is truly here and is filled with amazing new features. However, some people might have a different vision for the futuristic cars, so here we are, laying out cards on the table with a hope that the cars in the future fulfill the needs of every type of driver.

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