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A Quick Look at the Tech Trends in Auto Industry

Jun 30, 2021, 7:09 pm / Lara

Technology has become an integral part of the day to day life. It has permeated almost every sphere of life, with the intention of making life more comfortable and easy. The Automobile industry is no exception in this aspect. There are many technological devices which have been introduced in different vehicles, especially cars. The main reason for doing so is ensuring the safety of the people driving it as well as the people outside. Some of them have also added a touch of convenience. For example, some facilitate visibility at night while some help you drive in a cruising mode. Even the amalgamation of smart devices with cars is commonly seen. Here is, in fact, a list of advanced car tech that has become a part of the Auto Industry and has revolutionized the way people drive.

Automotive color night vision system

The first device that is mentioned here can assist you in safe driving at night. Driving at night can be a little dangerous due to reduced visibility unless you have something that helps you see better. The automotive color night vision system is the device that is up for the task. It includes high-quality cameras that can capture images of what lies in front of the vehicle and these images are processed and displayed on a high-definition screen. Even though the light outside is reduced, the images are of high-contrast and proper color, almost mimicking the natural tones. Lanmodo is one company that specializes in the automotive night vision system. You can install it on your own at a relatively cheaper price.

Automatic high-beam control

This is one of the most common inconveniences that is faced while driving at night. The car or vehicle coming from the opposite side might have their high-beam on and it can perpetually blind you. Do not be that person making that mistake and endangering others. An automatic high-beam control is a useful tech in this situation. Generally, high beams can be used when driving on long, empty roads like highways in order to see far ahead. However, with this device, sensors pick up cars from the opposite side quickly using the rearview setup and the headlight automatically shifts to low beam. Thus, it works according to necessity and does not cause any problems for others.

Smart home integration

It is the best example of introducing cutting edge technology into the dashboard of the car. You may have a lot of smart devices at home. With this device, you can integrate it into your car in such a manner that all the essential readings become visible. This includes the GPS system, the fuel levels, the air level in the tires etc. You do not have to worry about any of the "invisible" aspects of the car as they will be all there for you to see.

GPS vehicle tracking

The function of the Global Positioning System or GPS is well-known. It helps to locate an object conveniently. The introduction of GPS vehicle tracking in the car can be beneficial. In case you have parked your car in a huge parking area and are not able to locate it, this technology can come to your rescue. Moreover, it helps in smooth navigation and can update you of the landmarks that lie ahead while you are driving. It also has advantages related to security in case your car is stolen.

Vehicle-to-everything communication

This is one piece of technology that has been known to reduce vehicular accidents by quite a margin. It can set up communication with other devices, pedestrians, infrastructure, vehicles etc. The main purpose is to provide timely warnings whenever something out of the ordinary happens. It is a very important safety feature that is a part of many advanced cars.

Automatic liftgates

Imagine when you have your hands full and someone opens the door for you. Automatic liftgates serve the same function. You can open the door of the boot space of your car or the engine cover either by the tap of a button or by using hands-free gestures. You can even adjust the amount of opening of the doors in case you are in a parking area with a low roof. Thus, it is mainly for convenience.

Technology is meant to make life easier for everyone. The devices mentioned above are perfect examples of the same.

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