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Top 5 Luxury Cars and Their Driver Assist Technology

Sep 27, 2020, 2:34 pm / Abigail Williams

The world of car making has advanced incredibly fast in the last few decades. While the engineering behind your car's driving experience has improved, a lot has been introduced in terms of technology as well. Luxury cars nowadays boast some amazing driver assist technology and we will be taking a look at the best among those.

Cadillac CT6 and full LCD instrument cluster

The Cadillac CT6 is one of the best vehicles to ever come out of Cadillac's doors. Packed with an incredible level of comfort and pleasure, it offers a luxury car standard that few other vehicles can compete with. It is a sedan that fulfills the needs of both the top company executive and the luxury car lover.

One of the best features in this vehicle is the full LCD instrument cluster. This large sized screen provides all the information that the driver could possibly need. The default dials provide information about current speed, RPM, fuel range, fuel level and temperature. However, the large 12 inch display is configurable to allow the driver to access the plethora of features at hand. Night vision, navigation directions, tire pressure, cruise control are some of the features that can be seen on the full LCD instrument cluster, making it a true luxury car experience.

Ford F-150 and pro trailer backup assist

Ford's pickup trucks are some of the best vehicles for off road and heavy duty work and the F-150 is no exception. This full sized truck is one of the most agile vehicles and is proven to work in every terrain you can imagine. It is luxury and function brought together.

One of the key features in terms of driver assist technology is the Pro Trailer Backup Assist System. Having a trailer hooked to the back of your pickup truck is tricky business. Given the already huge size of the truck, adding another component that moves in the opposite direction can make things quite tricky. The pro trailer backup assist literally makes it as easy as turning a knob. All the driver does is use the said knob to guide the trailer using cameras and the trailer gets parked automatically!

BMW M760i and remote control parking

When you talk about driving safety, nothing comes close to BMW. The BMW M760i offers top class luxury car experiences with a list of luxury and comfort features that is simply too long. It is basically a roaring beast at heart that easily shame any other luxury car its size.

One of the best features in this vehicles is the new remote control parking. On the remote control you press a single key and the car's remote control parking system comes alive. With the help of multiple cameras and sensors installed around the car, it automatically parks itself in that tight spot with the driver standing outside. In addition to driving safety, BMW also ensured pedestrian safety with this feature as it detects the smallest obstacles in its way and stops immediately, not moving until it senses the area is clear.

Rolls Royce and anti-theft technology

When money is no object and you want the best in luxury, the first and only name that comes to mind is Rolls Royce. Home to some of the most incredible vehicles in existence, it has been the vehicle of choice for a lot of rich businessmen, celebrities etc.

A vehicle of high caliber like this comes with a plethora of features that range from the build of the car to the pleasure options to the entertainment. One of the most interesting features is the anti-theft system for the "Spirit of Ecstasy". The little winged statue carries a lot of significance and is prone to theft. Rolls Royce has introduced an incredible system that detects when it is touched and immediately hides the statue into the bonnet! Talk about ingenuity.

Mercedes Benz and auto-lane keeping

Mercedes Benz has held its status as the ultimate symbol of widely accessible luxury car for as long as it existed. The amount of features that are currently offered in any Benz car as standard are quite incredible. They make sure that all the bases are covered including speed, luxury and function.

Among the various new systems in place, an exciting new offering is the Active Lane Keeping Assist which allows the driver to correct the course of their vehicle if they break the lane unintentionally. The system works in two stages, the initial being a warning to the driver. If the driver response is not registered by the vehicle, it can use one-sided braking intervention via the car's ESP to bring the car back into the lane by itself. The system can easily be activated with a press of a button.

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