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How to Keep Your Ford F-150 in Good Condition?

Mar 13, 2019, 11:35 am / Brian Lageose

For car lovers, Ford is one of the top cars to have in your garage. As a matter of fact, most people have at least one Ford in their fleet of cars. Ford F-150 is one of the popular models among all Ford models. If you have this model of car, it is important that you give it adequate care because it is one of the strongest and trendiest cars you can have in your garage. It is designed to offer top notch convenience and wonderful driving experience for the owner. In this car guide, we look at the best ways to keep your Ford F-150 in excellent condition all through the different seasons within the year.

Part 1 How much do you know about your Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 is designed to give you a smooth journey; whether you are hanging out with your family or friends for a weekend of recreation or you are just working on your job. No doubt, this unique masterpiece surpasses other trucks in its category when it comes to doing the tougher jobs. The F-150 sets excellent standards for all light duty pickups. Although the full size pickup is lightweight, it features military grade, high strength, and aluminum alloy grade. As a matter of fact, it comes with similar high grade 6000 model, used in industrial and military application. All these give you the best standard lightweight truck that has high capacity for whatever task you need it for.

Part 2 How well do you pay attention to the protection of your Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 is designed as a utility vehicle and it provides great help for your daily activities in so many ways. It has the capacity to get you to anywhere as well as do any job. It is therefore important that you pay close attention to your car protection. You must be aware of the kind of damage that can hurt your Ford F-150. You should also understand the type of protection you can provide for the car and what other things you can do to protect it from damaging elements.

Part 3 What should you do to protect your Ford F-150?

We have highlighted some tips below that will help protect your car and maintain its good shape.
  1. Wash it regularly
The Ford F-150 is usually used for many outdoor and rough tasks which makes it susceptible to dirt easily. Make sure you wash it as soon as you return from a job. Washing it regularly will keep its exterior looking clean and shining.
  1. Go for some seat covers
You can protect the lifespan of the car seats if you invest in seat covers. This will prevent wear and tear of the chair as well as retain the newness of the car seat.
  1. Get its chips repaired
If you really want to enjoy your Ford F-150, it is essential that you pay attention to its maintenance. Whenever you notice any issue in the car, whether interior or exterior, fix it immediately. If you notice that the chips are not in good condition, carry out the required maintenance as soon as possible.
  1. Check and remove the rust
Never allow rust to stay long on your car. As soon as you notice it, work on it and get rid of the rust. Rust can damage the car part which can cost you more to repair.
  1. Provide shelter for it when parked in open-air parking

You might want to consider a custom fitted car protection cover to protect your Ford F-150 when it is parked in the yard. Another option is to invest in a mobile car cover like Lanmodo Pro car cover. This offers all-round protection for your car wherever it is parked because it is movable and can be easily installed. When the weather is very hot, the Lanmodo car cover provide adequate shelter for your car just like an umbrella does for human. The 3.5M Lanmodo car cover is perfect to shelter the main part of your car but if you want full shade for your car, you might want to consider the Lanmodo Pro car cover which is 4.8M in Length.


Your Ford F-150 deserves the best protection and the Lanmodo car protection cover is the best that you can give your car.

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