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5 Most Popular Car Modifications in the Current Market

Nov 23, 2019, 4:10 pm / Richard

Car enthusiasts love to customize their beloved vehicles in order to improve the beauty, comfort, and safety. But before making any kind of car modification, make sure that the particular modification that you are planning is legal in your country. Here we are discussing the 5 most popular car modifications trending in the current market.

1. Instrument cluster

Car enthusiasts love to mount the stylish looking and fascinating full LCD instrument cluster in their cars. The full LCD instrument cluster is a very pragmatic device to purchase. If you own a Toyota Prado or Land Cruiser then you have a huge benefit of getting your hands on the newly launched Lanmodo Race full LCD instrument cluster. As always the company, Lanmodo, never fails to impress its customers with the performance of its products. This time it has manufactured using superior quality of material to provide its users with a durable and robust device. It consists of some mind-blowing features:

  1. Shows a comprehensive data of your car on 12.3" LCD display
  2. Improves the safety of the driver by reminding the driver immediately, of any devices in the vehicle which has ceased to operate.
  3. The entertainment option allows users to listen to songs and watch videos.
  4. The 1080 HD, full-color moving images with 36° wide-angle improves visibility at night time, and in rainy or foggy weather conditions.
  5. It also includes an amazing GPS system along with voice navigation. It also permits users to download maps, making this device helpful in guiding ways when there is no network available.

2. Tires

Make your vehicle stand out in the crowd by upgrading your tires today! Yes, tires play a significant role in catching the attention of the audience. It also boosts the overall performance of the vehicle. However, it is recommended to upsize or downsize the tire around 3% of the diameter of the original tire. Doing so will give your car better efficiency, handling, grip and would enhance its fuel economy. Aside from showing off your vehicle, it is very crucial to change your tires as soon as you notice worn-out tread beyond the recommended tread depth level. As damaged tires are very unsafe to use and can lead to terrible accidents due to lesser gripping ability.

3. Lights

The lights do not only help to clearly view the road ahead of you in low light conditions but it also makes other drivers know about your appearance. The vehicles also have a special fog light which assists the driver to perceive the road ahead in the foggy weather. It is very vital for every light to function properly as each light plays an important role in keeping the driver safe and secure. The bright red brake lights make the driver behind aware of the vehicle in front which is planning to slow down, the turn lights indicate the other drivers about your decision to change lanes. Hence, it is very important to keep a proper check on the lightening system of your car.

4. Tinted windows

Tinted windows are considered as the effortless way to modify your car. The tinted windows keep the interior of the vehicle cool, regardless of the temperature outside, by preventing the infrared radiation from entering into the car through the window. It also gives the driver and passenger privacy and security as it makes it difficult for outsiders to catch a sight of what's going inside. Lastly, as it blocks the sun rays from entering into the car, it safeguards the fabric and color of the interior from fading away. But before you proceed, in many of the states tinted windows law enforcement agencies and insurers consider it illegal so check your state's law book before making this modification.

5. Spoilers

Basically, spoilers, an aerodynamic device, are installed in cars to reduce air drag. The spoiler located at the front is called the air dams. The rear spoilers disperse the air, reducing turbulent flow and air drag. The reduced drag makes the vehicle fuel-efficient and improving the performance as well. By making this modification, you will notice that your car does not only look stylish but it has also given a boost to the stability of your vehicle when cruising at high speed. Rear spoilers assist in making the vehicle more noticeable, especially small cars. Spoilers may have brake light making your driving more safe and secure.

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