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What Car Tech Will be Popular in Next Decade?

Sep 27, 2020, 2:34 pm / Richard

Whether you are a beginner or a professional when it comes to driving, for your safety, comfortability and convenience it should be a must for you to invest in a reliable and innovative car tech product. It will not only making your driving experience more comfortable and secure but also make sure that your vehicle is up to date and at par with all the latest models. To assist you with your selection of such products, we have compiled a list of the top five car tech that we think will be well-known in the next decade due to their innovative technology and the brilliant functions that they offer.

Top 5, Full LCD instrument cluster

Beginning with mechanical instruments cluster then progressing to semi-liquid crystal instruments cluster and from it to the present full LCD instruments cluster, it has been a long time. Some cars are already equipped with in-built full LCD instrument cluster, while some unfortunately are not but no need to worry since now those cars can also be equipped with an external full LCD instruments cluster. If you have a Toyota Prado, Land Cruiser or a Nissan Patrol Y62, you can easily invest in a Lanmodo Race full LCD instrument cluster, an affordable and reliable product. It comes with an in-built GPS system with voice system that provides the driver with accurate positioning and helps with navigation. It also has a 1080P full color night vision system that greatly improves the drivers' vision while driving in areas with dim lightning and ensures better safety. What makes it even more better is the comprehensive car data on its HD 12.3" screen that efficiently commands the vehicle information and a malfunctioning indicator lights system to alert the drivers.

Top 4, Third-party vehicle-mounted systems

Third party mounted vehicles like CarPlay for apple devices and AndroidAuto for android devices are systems that connect your gadgets to the dashboard screen of your car and allows you to access some apps through voice or touch monitoring on your dashboard screen while driving. There is great hope that in the future, these vehicle systems will be intelligently equipped with a learning algorithm that will improve its ability to interact with people and cars. It is also very important that all the upgrades in this technology are made keeping safety and privacy the utmost priority as such systems with car on the road lead to vulnerability of privacy and the result of a hack of such system can be unimaginably disastrous.

Top 3, Carbon fiber used on the AR body

Carbon fiber, as of yet, is only used in luxury super cars. However, the application of carbon fiber in BMW i3, i8 and the new BMW 7 series, indicates that hopefully in the future carbon brazing body will be more commonly used. This material is at par with high-grade steel when it comes to strength while its density is 30% lower than that of aluminum which is why it results in a car body that is stronger and lighter than the aluminum and steel parts used in car bodies today, leading to better and faster car performance. The only downfall however, is that this material is unrepairable.

Top 2, Gesture control replaces touch screens

It's been a couple of years that gesture control has been really trending. Take the gesture control of BMW as an example. BMW named the gesture control function as Air Touch technology, which comes equipped with its 7 series, new 5 series and other models. The principle of this function is not at all complicated, it has an infrared 3D camera that is placed on the center console to capture the gestures of the driver and the passenger and make corresponding function changes. For example, if you want to adjust the volume on your stereo, just swipe your finger in front of the screen. To turn on the navigation system, just use two fingers; When someone calls, you can answer with one finger pointing at the air on the screen. If you don't want to answer, you can just swipe left and right. This is how it is to operate this system making it very user friendly.

Top 1, Semi-automatic driving

Compared to "help the owner to drive" technology, more manufacturers now favour "assist the owner more securely, easy to drive" technology, known as semi-automatic driving technology, such as Volvo's "Pilot Assist - semi-automatic driving system", "city traffic assistant system". Audi is one of the most representative semi-automatic driving technology out there. As the concept of automobile safety is becoming increasingly popular every passing day, technical difficulties related to such systems are being overcome one after another. Along with it, the enthusiasm of auto companies for autonomous driving technology, is also greatly increasing. This will promote the rapid development of semi-autonomous driving technology in the next future and make it the next 'big thinG', so keep an eye out for such innovative technology.

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