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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Toyota Prado with Lanmodo Race Full LCD Instrument Cluster

Oct 15, 2019, 5:29 pm / Evelyn Smith

If you are an SUV user or enthusiast then you can go the extra mile to ensure that everything is top notch in your vehicle. A lot of people tend to do car modification as well to enhance their experience. One of the products that is particularly popular with users of SUVs, especially Toyota Prado, is a full LCD instrument cluster. One of the best options currently available in market is the Lanmodo Race Full LCD Instrument Cluster and there is a lot it has to offer. We are discussing a few salient features to let you know why this should be the next expense you incur on your Toyota Prado.

Added beauty

The interior of Toyota Prado is already known for being luxurious and feature packed. The Lanmodo Race Full LCD Instrument Cluster would be a very natural upgrade to the interior with its sleek design and versatility. With the ability to control everything on your car like navigation, entertainment etc. and so much more, it makes the driving experience a lot more engaging and most importantly, make you stand out among the crowd!

Driving data at your finger tips

The Lanmodo Race Full LCD Instrument Cluster for Toyota Prado is capable of capturing driving data in real time. It provides the driver with all the necessary information required to make sure their Toyota Prado keeps running in good shape. However, you can get a lot more information than that when you install this full LCD instrument cluster in your vehicle. Some of things that come in this package include digital environmental measurements like barometer, altimeter etc., the ability to connect to the internet, multi-lingual support for maximum customer compatibility and so much more! You will be amazed at how huge and yet well sorted the information is in this device.

High resolution display

The best feature in the Lanmodo Race is the large full HD screen it comes equipped with. The level of detail it can show, complemented by the high resolution 1080p camera means you do not miss any detail whatsoever! The night vision with color offered by Lanmodo can literally turn night into day on your screen! This would mean you can travel safely at night while enjoying a view of the outside that no one else does!

In addition to that, this large, high resolution 12.3 inch display also plays a key role in making sure your Toyota Prado is fully entertainment capable. However, we will talk more about that later.

Great GPS

Lanmodo Race Full LCD Instrument Cluster is also equipped with a top notch GPS device that provides you with pin point accuracy and ensures precise location management of your Prado. To make life easier, the system also comes with voice assistance, make it easier to engage with the GPS while you are driving, instead of taking the risk of removing your hands from the steering wheel.

The maps that come installed with this system are incredibly detailed and are always kept up to date so you don't have to run into any unnecessary trouble when finding your way around any place. It doesn't matter whether you are finding directions in a large city, a small town or perhaps in the middle of nowhere. This GPS will always keep you going in the right direction!

A complete entertainment hub!

This is probably the coolest part of this particular car modification and it is also a big selling point for a lot of people. Most entertainment systems require modifications to the dashboard, essentially asking the owner to destroy some of their cars to make room for such kind of car modification. The Full LCD Instrument Cluster from Lanmodo on the other hand makes sure that you have to go through no such trouble. The panel fits perfectly as a replacement for the current HUD display and does not require any sort of tearing down whatsoever! It is truly the perfect entertainment system that you can enjoy wherever you want, whenever you want, while ensuring your Prado looks top notch and original.

There are practically no other panels that are as good, detail oriented or reasonably priced as this system. If you want to go for any sort of car modification to your Toyota Prado, this is definitely a great place to start.

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