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Lanmodo Race Full LCD Instrument Panel, Worthwhile Upgrade to Toyota Prado

Nov 20, 2019, 8:59 am / Abigail Williams

Currently, most cars have analogue gauge dashboards, which are not only a little difficult to read if not looked from the right level, but also deprive the driver of many amazing features that he could have enjoyed in a digital dashboard.

Lanmodo, known for launching unique products to solve everyday problems, launched the Lanmodo Race full LCD instrument panel, for upgrading your Toyota Prado. It is equipped with a number of mind-blowing features to make driving an easier and more enjoyable experience. In fact, it offers various improvements and upgradation over the original instrument panel, like full LCD instead of partial LCD and 4 UI modes instead of a monotonous outlook. Read on to know more about this amazing product that is waiting to be bought in the market.

Overall Functions

1. In-built GPS system

This car upgrade also has an in-built GPS system that allows you to reach your destination safely. You just need to enter the address and the device will plan the route for you and show you directions. You can also hear the directions, thanks to the voice navigation system. Using this system, you can focus on driving, as you won't need to look back and forth between the windshield and the GPS screen, and just hear the instructions as if someone is guiding you from the passenger's seat. If you want to use the GPS without network (for example, in remote areas), you can download the map on the device to guide you.

2. 1080P, full-colour night vision camera

The Lanmodo Race allows you to see a good-quality image of the road even if it's dark, owing to the 1080P full-colour night vision camera. The image is clearer if you switch on the headlights. The camera covers an angle of 36 degrees in road width, and the instrument panel has a 9-inch display screen, which makes it easier for you to see the road properly. This allows you to drive safely and easily at night, and can play a huge role to avoid accidents.
night vision for Toyota Prado

3. Comprehensive Vehicle Information

The Lanmodo full LCD instrument panel shows you important information about your vehicle, that proves useful while driving. You just need to select what you want to know, by controlling the device through the steering wheel or by using the touch controls of the device.

  1. Fuel consumption and mileage: It shows how much fuel has been consumed and what has been the mileage after startup, after refuelling the car, and after reset. It also shows the short mileage.
  2. Radar sensor and altitude: The radar sensor alerts you of nearby objects when you park, making it easier for you to avoid unfortunate accidents. The screen also shows the altitude in its offroad mode.
  3. Idle speed: Idle speed refers to the rotational speed at which the engine runs, when the throttle pedal is not pressed, that is, the engine is idling. It is used to save fuel, bt you can choose to turn on and off this function.
  4. Speed and RPM: The screen shows you the speed at which the car is running and the RPM, this is the most important data while driving.
  5. Tire Pressure: The device displays the pressure on each tire in kiloPascals (kPa). It shows the tire pressure for each tire separately, as well as the overall pressure. This enables you to judge the condition of the tires and estimate when you will have to change them.

4. Malfunction indicators as reminders

The screen has a number of indicator lights which alerts the driver if anything is wrong, thus ensuring a smooth driving experience. Some of these indicators are door ajar, seat belt not on, transmission overheating, ABS fault, temperature warning, headlight/taillight out, airbag fault, tire pressure monitoring, TRC off, adaptive front lighting system, and engine-related indicators, among others.

5. Entertainment

To make driving enjoyable, this product allows you to entertain yourself while driving the Toyota Prado. You can listen to music by connecting the device to the network. You can also import videos through USB, which will definitely help you pass time while resting. You can also watch movies, and it will be quite enjoyable, given the 12.3-inches screen.

Product Specifications and Installation

The Lanmodo Race full LCD instrument panel has pretty good specifications, which make it look almost like a good-quality smartphone. It boasts of an AllwinnerT3 processor, Android 7.1.0 Operating system, 4 GB dual system RAM and a 64GB dual system ROM. The LED display screen measures 12.3 inches, with a screen brightness of 450 lm and a resolution of 1920x720. As for installation of the device, apart from the frame, display screen and camera, the product comes with a USB cable, a GPS cable, a video input cable and 3 audio adapter cables. You can install it on your own, following the instructions on the user manual. It will take you less than half an hour to install it. What's better, the Lanmodo Race instrument panel will keep original vehicle data, truly non-destructive install.

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