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The Innovative Night Vision Devices in the Market

Jun 30, 2021, 5:18 pm / Brian Lageose

Technology is really catching up with almost anything these days, including devices that enhance the viewing and driving capability during the night. Night vision devices are continuously being introduced in the market, some of them are the following:

Night Vision Goggles

These devices have no magnification capability, but allow viewing with both eyes and can be head mounted. It feels very natural, once being fixed on your head, you don't need to develop special skills to get used to it. A goggle is a good navigation tool and you can even walk and drive slowly with it.

The drawback of this device is the size and weight. When it is head mounted, it can go right down your face to below the eyes. The extra weight can also make you tire easily if you use it for a considerable amount of time. There are two categories of night vision goggles: the night vision monoculars and the night vision binoculars.

Night Vision Monoculars are optical instruments consisting of single eye units that are considered as the Swiss Army Knife of all night vision devices, having the best capability to be adapted to various functions, such as being mounted on to a rifle or to a camera. The small size and lightweight qualify these devices for head mounting too. These are great devices for people, who usually do a lot of multi-tasking.

Night Vision Binoculars are instruments that have two eye pieces and comes with built in magnification. The lenses, though, are too heavy to allow these devices to be head mounted. These are designed primarily to make things or people appear larger, while standing stationary at a distance. Night vision binoculars provide the most comfortable scanning and are great to be used by hunters and people who love watching nature at night.

Night Vision Sunglasses

This type of night vision sunglasses have lenses that are polarized or are coated with a special chemical film, so as to reduce strain on the eyes. You also get an improved night vision with optical definition and colour clarity. With night vision sunglasses you can see better, especially during night driving or during bad weather. In addition, it will protect your retina and keep your eyes in the best of health.

Automotive Night Vision Systems(NVS)

Driving at night in low-light conditions is difficult for all drivers. There are hazards along the road that a driver should be aware of, before he comes too close to those objects that he should avoid.

For this purpose, you need an automotive night vision system that can help you avoid accidents and possible injuries. What we are talking about is the Lanmodo Vast Pro, an innovative car NVS that is steadily becoming popular in the market, because of its proven effectiveness in promoting safe driving.

Lanmodo Vast Pro gives you an image of the road ahead in full color, with its full 1080P HD resolution. The better visual effects it offers helps in safe driving. It has a 8” screen display that provides you with a view as clear as daylight.

Low and high beam lights are not sufficient for the purpose of viewing the road clearly, when you are out driving at night. This is the reason why Lanmodo Vast Pro is more effective with a 45-degree wide angle vision and night view distance up to 300m. You will see the situation on the road in advance, which means that you can act accordingly and take preventive measures, avoiding any mishaps.

Installation of Lanmodo Vast ProNight Vision System to almost any car model is simple and easy; you only need to follow simple instructions and you can have it installed in your vehicle in no time. Get in touch with us by visiting our website and let's discuss further how our product will be able to help you drive safe and secure at night.

Night Vision Helmets

Those helmets are especially designed to keep the motorcycle riders safe, by improving night vision while out on the road and during inclement weather. Many night vision helmets do not only possess night vision capabilities, but also have various other features like high technology and modern features like the front view and rear view cameras. Some of these devices have built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity also. This enables the drivers to communicate hands-free.

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