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Review of Automotive Night Vision Systems in The Current Market

Jun 30, 2021, 5:50 pm / Brian Lageose

Several organizations in the world, including the European Commission, has opined that most of the auto accidents took place at night when there is low light. The risk of an accident is also more in foggy weather condition with low light. The automotive night vision system is provided to tackle these issues and to increase the safety of road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and animals. The auto night vision system comes in different forms, and you will get a comprehensive overview of the forms in this article.
Currently, Auto Night Vision system market has continued to thrive as the device helps in improving safety features helpful in reducing fatalities on the road. So, it is expected that by 2025, the system is going to make more than 4.5 billion USD. The night vision system comes with sophisticated night vision sensors and cameras to detect on the road. Read on to learn more about different forms of the night vision system.

Built-In Night Vision System

The built-in night vision camera is the pioneer night vision system found in the market. It is inbuilt in most tech-improved luxury cars in the market, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota Lexus. These are the automakers that considered it fit to utilize the effect of the night vision system in their automobile. The idea is to improve the safety of road users and reduce fatalities to animals, pedestals and cyclists. Below are some of the things you should know about the in-built utomotive night vision system.

How to use: The built-in night vision system is also known as passive auto night vision system. It is the kind of night vision system that makes use of thermographic cameras for object detection. This technology works by detecting the heat coming from animals, people, and cars, transferring the collected data to the driver in monochrome displays. The installation is difficult, and it is not suitable for all cars.

Effects: Offers image display in black and white with 480P, and the vision angle comes at 18o/30o.

Current Situation: Currently, there are four top players in the night vision system market, and they, include Siemens, FLIR Systems, Denso, and Autoliv. The reason for the presence of a few players is a result of technical requirements as well as the costs.

Advantage and Disadvantage: The biggest advantage of built-in night vision system is that they look neat and help in reducing fatalities. High cost, low resolution, and not suitable for all cars are the major disadvantages associated with it.

Head-up Displays (HUDs)

The Head-up displays are among the auto night vision system in the market presently. As the name suggested, ‘Head-up displays' drivers are made to look up when they want to get a clearer view of the road situation through the camera, now companies are preferring the displays to be made on the windscreen.

How to use HUDs system: In the auto HUDs, your windshield works as a giant screen. The projector installed on the dashboard sends a transparent image to the windshield for your view. The images from the projectors usually bounce off from several mirrors, flipping and magnifying the image to produce a legible and right image on the windshield. You as a driver is to focus on looking up to the windshield to get clear view.

The advantages and disadvantages of HUDs: The HUDs are really helpful in offering the driver a clearer view of objects on the road, but not without disadvantages. The major disadvantage of the HUDs is that it causes distractions to drivers easily as they tend to focus their look on the windshield. Also, the HUDs come at a high cost, which is another disadvantage.

External system with display screen

Since HUDs and built-in system are both offered at a high cost and difficult installation process, some manufacturers have been working hard to come up with something more portable. Lanmodo Vast Pro auto night vision system is one of the products of improved technologies, it does reflect the real situation of images. With its 8” IPS screen size, it offers a clearer view without causing distractions.

How to use: Making use of Lanmodo Vast Pro auto night vision system is simple, and does not involve a rigorous process like the built-in, and HUDs systems. Its installation is super easy by yourself, and the system is suitable to most cars, both luxury and non-luxury cars.

Effects: Lanmodo car night vision system is highly effective as it produces full-colored image in a 1080 pixels resolution. Besides, it is also helpful in rain and foggy weather.

Price: The cost of lanmodo night vision system is very affordable as compared to inbuilt system as it is offered between $369 to $459.

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