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Know About Various Automotive Night Vision Systems

Jun 30, 2021, 5:21 pm / Brian Lageose

Automotive night vision systems are widely used in automotive industry nowadays. These systems promise improvement in road safety by extending the driver's perception beyond the reach of your headlights illumination. The devices greatly assist the driver in detecting and make the person aware of any pedestrians, cyclists, animals or any object on road ahead. The system is further categorized into two different categories ; passive system and active system. Active system uses infrared light sources to illuminate the darkness, while passive system uses thermographic cameras to capture the thermal radiation emitted by objects. However, each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The technology was introduced in 2000 by General Motors, but it is still found in luxury vehicles only! Listed below are vehicles which consist of automotive night vision system(NVS).


The BMW night vision system consist of numerous features. It uses passive system and detect thermal radiation emitted by objects nearby. The system can see up to 984 feet ahead of the car. Such feature permits the driver to have enough time to react and stop the car, as it greatly assist in identifying which hazard is closer. The frequency of spotlight flashing increases as the car gets closer to the object. This system is available for few of BMW's model including 5-Series, 6-Series, 7-Series, and X5.


Mercedes has introduced a system called Night View Assist Plus. This system uses infrared radiation to illuminate the darkness, in order to alert the driver. Wither and black image is shown on 12.3 inch LCD display. It allows the driver to see for pedestrian up to 160 meter and 100 meter for large animals. The spotlight function in this system warns the pedestrian, who is in danger, by flashing light at him/her. The light flashes in such a way that the upcoming vehicle or pedestrian is not blinded temporarily. SL-Class, S-Class are models of Mercedes-Benz that offer this system.


Audi Night Vision Assistant consist of thermographic camera at the front of the car, permitting the driver to see up to 300m ahead of the vehicle. This system alerts the pedestrian ahead, which may collide with the vehicle, using its Matrix Beam headlamps. It flashes the light 3 times for a short period of time. Not only does it warn by spotting the danger, but it also create sound if you are about to harm an object.


Honda is the first company who launched the night vision system with pedestrian detection. The intelligent night vision system captures far infrared radiation and make the driver attentive by not only showing pedestrian on the screen, by highlighting the object in red box, but also warn the individual by audio warning. Two far infrared cameras are mounted in the lower section of front bumper to sense infrared emitting objects.


Toyota is the first company in the world, who introduced active night vision system. The system includes a LCD screen instrument panel which does not only show the road ahead of you but also display gauges in eco-mode and sport-mode. It uses infrared light sources to detect the potential hazards and encircle them in yellow box, to alert the driver. This system will illuminate an area of 65 feet in front of you. It offers full color, high resolution image, enhancing your driving experience!


The first automotive night vision system was manufactured by General Motors on Cadillac Deville. Night vision made use of passive system. The infrared sensor camera was installed behind the vehicle's grill, which captured the infrared radiation and displayed grayscale image on the windshield. However General Motors discontinued the Night Vision option from 2004. After a decade, GM introduced Cadillac CT6 sedan which comes with numerous new features. Aside activating alerts and indicators, this system is also capable of applying automatic brake to avoid collision.

External NVS

Finest quality external night vision are manufactured since a long time. The most remarkably, highly demanded and used external NVS among others is Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System. Lanmodo has designed the external system in such a way that it is compatible with nearly most of the vehicles. Also the installation process is much easier. This system makes use of low-light imaging technology to produces full color, lifelike, high resolution image, providing you with a clear image. The most appealing feature of this device is that it is much cheaper than the in-built night vision systems. Hence, upgrade your driving experience by purchasing Lanmodo Vast Pro NVS today!

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