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Driver Assist Technologies that Make Driving Easier

Jun 30, 2021, 6:46 pm / Abigail Williams

Safe driving has become one of the greatest concerns all over the globe. There has been a sharp increase in the number of accidents with each passing year. And hence, it is necessary to take some precautions to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Driver-assist technology is one such way to improve driving safety. Though these technologies will act as an assistant, it is you who should stay vigilant behind the wheels. In this article, we bring to you 7 such technological assistance that will keep you safe.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

If you often travel on the country's highways, then this technology will assist you greatly. In the absence of this technology, you have to constantly monitor your cruise control system. However, with the advanced adaptive cruise control, your vehicle will automatically adjust the speed based on the movement of the surrounding vehicles, and it help maintain optimal distance between the vehicles. While it's not suitable when driving in a stop-and-go traffic situation.

2. Blind Spot Detection

Blind spots are those areas that are out of the driver's vision. They can be caused due to obstructions like window pillars, passengers, and other objects too. Blind spot detection technology makes use of various sensors to warn the driver about the presence of any vehicle or object within the blind spot. It provides a 360-degree electronic coverage to your car whether it is moving or not. Some systems raise alarms, while some even provide images of the objects in the blind spot. Some very advanced systems not only alert the driver but also create resistance in the steering wheel, in case the warning has been ignored.

3. Automatic Parking

Another advancement in technology is the automatic parking system. It is an autonomous car-maneuvering technology which can help to park the car in parallel, perpendicular, or horizontal spaces. Parking is an aspect of driving, which is not mastered by all. And so, the automatic parking system is a wonderful feature that can assist many motorists. The automatic parking technology detects objects in the surrounding with the help of sensors installed on the front and rear bumpers.

4. Night Vision Assistant

Night vision assistant is a very useful feature for motorists who often undertake night driving. A night vision system reflects the real road situation to the driver with the help of an infrared camera. It helps the driver in the dark where it is difficult to perceive the road clearly. Lanmodo Vast Pro automotive night vision assistant is one of the most effective systems, which is applicable to most of the cars. It is affordable and can reflect the road situation to its screen with 1080p high resolution, in full color. Its night vision distance is up to 300m, much further beyond the car's headlight. This helps the driver to plan his course of action in advance. The Lanmodo night vision assistant is very easy to install and operate.

5. Intelligent Speed Adaption

Intelligent Speed Adaption is a combination of various advanced technologies. The system consists of a GPS technology that is linked to the speed zone database. This helps the driver to know his location and the speed limit of that road. If the driver exceeds the speed limit of the road, the ISA system immediately warns him through an audio warning, a visual warning, or a counterforce from the accelerator pedal. This system will help the driver to observe the speed limits of different roads and stay safe in the long run.

6. Tire Pressure Monitoring

A tire pressure monitoring system tells the driver about the existing inflation in each tire. In the absence of such a system, the driver is required to get down from the vehicle and personally check each tire. But this system eases the process and makes it convenient for the driver. It is particularly useful on highways and busy roads, where getting out of the car would either be dangerous or impossible.

7. Collision Warning System

The collision warning system is one of the best automobile technologies to ensure your safety on the road. This system uses multiple sensors to detect all kinds of obstructions that may come in the way. This includes pedestrians, animals, other vehicles, etc. Any object coming in close proximity of your car is immediately detected and the driver is warned. Some other systems are still advanced and may even be capable of taking preventive actions. Such systems pre-charge the brakes or even apply tension to the seat belt.

The above-stated driver-assist technologies make driving easier and add to your safety. As technology progresses, there will be many more systems to protect you on the road. However, the major aspect still lies in your hands. As motorists, it is important to stay alert and be cautious while driving. You also need to maintain your car in appropriate working conditions and undertake servicing and repairs regularly.

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