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Car Night Vision System: Best Gadget for Night Driving

Jun 30, 2021, 5:09 pm / Evelyn Smith

Studies have shown that 60% of road accidents happen at night and the number one cause of these unexpected and unfortunate incidents is poor visibility. Darkness, low-lit roads, bad weather conditions, glare of an oncoming vehicle's headlights are factors that contribute to poor visibility.

There is greater risk of car crashes during the night because for reasons mentioned above, drivers cannot immediately see and react to people and animals crossing the streets, upcoming curves, a vehicle abruptly changing direction and other things. When driving in the dark, the eyes, particularly the iris, retina and pupil, work differently at night than during the day. Therefore, it is not easy to focus on the things that are toward the front; and the moment the driver sees something to avoid, it is already too late to stop the car in time.

Why car night vision system is necessary?

Since low bean is not enough for drives to see clearly while high beam may cause danger, modern headlights are developed, which allow for the distribution of light in specific areas that need to be illuminated, without blinding other drivers.These headlights, however, can light up only a distance of 180 feet, which can be considered a drawback. While night vision system allows drivers to see potential road obstacles even from 300 feet away. Hence, this system makes night-time driving safe for every motorist.

When you have a night vision system(NVS) in your car, you will be provided with the information that you need while navigating the road and gives you enough time to take safety precautions. Take note also that the distance travelled by your car between the time that you decide to stop it from moving and the time that it stops completely can be more than 180 feet. This proves that using NVS can prevent certain car collisions.

What vehicles support in-built night vision systems?

NVS for cars are not a new product. They have been in existence from 30 years back, although these devices only showed up on premium vehicles and not on cheaper car models. These products are optional, meaning they are made available to be chosen by the car buyer, so they are not really a part of the vehicle. Another thing is that these equipment are not budget-friendly, costing about $2,500.

It was General Motors that introduced the night vision system, followed by Mercedes, Toyota and its Lexus model. The NVS of these brands was the active type, meaning it has an infrared illuminator. The other car makers, such as Audi and BMW offered passive NVS, which do not use infrared sources of light.

Better option than in-built system

There are also other types of night vision systems available in the aftermarket.The Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System is a good alternative to the expensive NVS being offered by luxury car makers. It is important to bear in mind that previously only luxury cars had built in night vision system that can address poor visibility. Besides this fact, the images they provide are only in black and white, or monochrome.

With Lanmodo night vision system you get 1080p high resolution image of people, animals and things that are ahead of you. The size 8”screen is big enough to let you see everything that you might fail to see while you are operating and controlling your motor vehicle in the dark. The IPS screen is friendly to the eyes and offers the best color and viewing angles. Another quality that makes the Lanmodo night vision system better and more useful is the full color display that adds richness to the images and makes you easily distinguish the people and things that you see.

When driving through bad weather conditions or through partial or total absence of light, low beam or high beam headlights cannot help you much. You can't get a clear view of the road ahead with just the headlights. The Lanmodo Night Vision System with a 45 degree view is what you need to see clearly what's in front of you. It also offers up to 300m of night view, giving you enough time to react and take quick and easy measures that will help you avoid accidents on the road.

If those things were not enough, let us please you with the news that the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system can be easily installed by yourself. Simply decide whether you want it fixed on a suction cup or a non slip mat; position it where it suits your vision. Once done, you just need to connect it to an adaptor or a cigarette lighter, and it is ready to be used.

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