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Automotive Night Vision System: The Must-Have Car Gadget In Near Future

Aug 28, 2019, 1:36 pm / Abigail Williams

Driving at night is said to be fun and romantic but it has its own risks too. Reduced vision at night, especially in low-lit areas may pose a risk, especially for people with night blindness. However, automotive night vision system technology has made driving at night safer because it provides the drivers greater visibility with the help of smart Infrared technology. The night vision system has made its way into automotive applications to cater to the needs of safe driving at night and reduce accidents. It is one gadget that must be present in your car in the near future.

Automotive night vision system introduction

As already said, it is stressful for drivers to keep a watch on the road in low light conditions. Moreover, drivers have to be extra vigilant to avoid mishap which is an added stress while driving. Automotive night vision system is a new-found technology that uses a thermographic camera to increase the driver's vision and seeing distance in the dark, low light areas and in bad weather. It provides better vision beyond the normal reach of the car's headlights. This is an optional gadget that you can install in your car and will be a must-have feature in future to reduce possibilities of night-time accidents. It uses a combination of night vision devices such as infrared cameras, Radar, GPS to sense, detect surrounding objects, so you can get the road condition and take corresponding measures.

How does night vision on your car help?

Passive night vision systems use thermographic cameras to detect thermal radiation or pick up the heat from the objects in near vicinity. They can easily process the difference between a cool object like a road that generates less heat than a person which is a warm object and generates more heat. The data from the camera is then processed into a black and white image that enables the driver to have a clear vision of the road ahead. Active night vision cameras use infrared lighting to illuminate the objects. The infrared band falls outside the spectrum of human vision and is used to illuminate objects that are far away from the reach of headlights of the car. The infrared vision is then relayed to the driver in real time using special cameras. On a whole, automotive night vision systemmakes it easy for a driver to detect people, animals as well as inanimate objects which are hard to see clearly at night.

Affordable and high-quality super night vision system

Lanmodo car night vision system uses a front-facing camera to capture the images ahead of road and then display the images on its 8.2inch screen.The camera uses 7G full glass, which is the highest level in current market and often used to produce high-end cameras.Besides, it provides 36-degree angle vision, giving drivers broad view of the road.

The visibility of the image captured is way better than naked eyes' view, even with car headlights. Lanmodo car night vision system provides 1080p, full-color image in real time, so drivers will know the road condition in time and take precaution measures, which can greatly reduce accidents. It is almost like watching a live telecast of the road in real-time and in crystal clear vision even when the lighting conditions are low.

There are also buttons on the night vision system to adjust color, brightness contrast and more, so you can choose what suits you most. What's better, the system provide both full-color and black-and-white mode, just press one button and you'll get what you want.

Unlike the in-built night vision systems that costs thousands of dollars, Lanmodo car night vision system costs only hundred and is definitely an affordable system that you can get installed in your car especially if you have to frequently drive at night. If your work or interests often take you out on the roads at night, this is a must-have feature in your car to improve your safety. Moreover, it is easy to install by yourself, no need to pay extra cost asking professional help.

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