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A Better Option to High Output LED Lights for Safe Driving

Jun 30, 2021, 5:36 pm / Brian Lageose

Even though car headlights are powerful in illuminating the road, the illumination is not always enough when it comes to driving in mountainous or suburbs roads without street lights. This has called for additional light installation in cars that drive on such roads. To increase suburb road illumination, many car owners have decided to install high output LED lights to their vehicles. The LED lights are known to produce lights strong enough to see far with more clear road illumination.

Introduction to high output LED lights

LED is a light-emitted diode designed to produce brighter illumination than ordinary bulbs. The high output LED lights have some special features that make them able to produce more than 50 lumens (1 candela = 12.75 lumens). There are many benefits associated with high output light emitted diode lights. While LEDs are associated with an enormous diversity of advantages, they cannot be seen as a good solution for night driving. The benefits associated with LEDs include:

Long Lifetime: LEDs are known to have a very long and enduring lifetime, and they mostly come with a robust design. Light emitting diode lights may last as long as 100,000 hours, as opposed to the incandescent light that only has 1000 hours as their optimal lifetime.

High efficiency:High-efficiency is often associated with high output light emitted diode bulbs. The white LEDs come with efficiency of about 25 1m/W, which is available for commercial purposes.

Brightness and Smooth Dimming to about 1%: High brightness for better illumination is one of the essential features that made high output lights desirable in cars. Another feature you should know about LED is the smooth dimming to almost 1%.

More Cost-Effective: Although the initial cost of high output light emitted diode lights may seem high, its long lifetime of about 100,000 hours is enough to compensate for that. So, you are going to save more over time when you get high output LEDs in your vehicle.

There are still some disadvantages and you should be aware of before installing high output LED on your vehicle, including:

  1. High output LED lights are always too strong, and can blind oncoming drivers.
  2. In some regions, it is illegal to modify a car light.
  3. Foggy and rainy weather are not compatible with LED lights, which are not useful in such conditions.

A better alternative-- Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera

With the above-mentioned disadvantages associated with LED lights, there is a need to search for a better alternative. It is interesting to know that Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera, with excellent features, is a more suitable option for night driving. This system is made to perfectly reflect the road condition with its high definition camera producing a full-color display.

It is ideal for those looking to keep their driving safe in all weather conditions and situations, including foggy weather, rainy weather, mountainous roads, and suburbs driving. In fact, night driving with the help of Lanmodo can increase chances of safety.

  1. Unlike the high output LED lights that normally blind upcoming drivers with its bright light, the 8inch display screen night vision camera will not blind the upcoming drivers, and can reduce the risk of an accident.
  2. Its super night vision camera offers 1080p image resolution and full-color image. That means the road will be as bright as in the daytime with more clarity about the images on the road. You will be able to detect images 300m/984ft away from your car to decide on the best way, so as to avoid a collision. Besides, The night vision camera offers 45-degree wide-angle vision, which gives a broader view of the road irrespective the weather condition.
  3. More so, Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera is useful in other weather conditions, including foggy roads, rainy roads, suburb roads, mountainous roads, and more. Since the camera is installed inside the vehicle coupled with its high resolution and full-color display, its performance is not affected by the weather condition or road situation.
  4. Unlike other added device to cars that require tech expert for its installation, car night vision camera is easy to install, following the simple guides provided in the user manual. Therefore, you need not visit any auto shop to get the camera installed in your car.
  5. Lanmodo night vision camera is affordable and applicable for almost all car models, including luxury and none luxury cars. Also, it is affordable to buy when compared with the in-built luxury night vision systems.

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