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10 Most Helpful Driver Assistance Systems In The Current Market

Jun 30, 2021, 6:54 pm / Richard

The development of automotive safety technology is on a rapid rise. ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are also emerging, which will ensure safety while driving. The driver assistance system can be defined as features or systems that offer drivers crucial driving information, provide warning or automatically help avoid accidents, with the primary goal of increasing car safety. However, the driver assist technology varies from one another, but it isn't very difficult to understand how several features are actually associated with safety. Here is the list of amazing driver assistance systems that will make it safe and easy to drive on the road.

1. Adapter Cruise Control

This is a crucial technology when you are driving on the highway. Normally drivers are continuously monitoring the cruise control system in order to be safe, while the use of adapter cruise control will help the driver to automatically speed up or slow down based on the actions of other cars ahead of it and maintain a safe distance.

2. Adapter Light Control

There is nothing more important than being able to see better on the road. Adapter light control will permit the headlights to rotate and swivel for illuminating the road and will adjust lightness based on surroundings, therefore enabling drivers to not only see better but also farther into the darkness.

3. Automatic Emergency Braking

High speed collisions can cause catastrophic outcomes. The automatic emergency braking is the ultimate pre-crash technology, which detects an impending forward crash and then automatically apply brakes, to slow down your vehicle and avoid serious damage.

4. Lanmodo Night Vision System

The state-of-the-art night vision system designed by Lanmodo is to help drivers cruise through several driver unfriendly scenarios. It known to all that accidents occur mostly at night or during bad weather conditions due to lack of clear visibility, but there is few technology to help. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system offers 1080P resolution and color image on its screen, and reflects the real situation of the road. Lanmodo Night Vision System offers a 45° wide-angle vision and extends up to 300m at night, to help drivers understand road situation in advance, thus avoiding accidents. What's best, this device is applicable to almost all vehicles.

5. Blind Spot Detection

This technology makes the most of several sensors, providing drivers with the kind of information that won't be available any other way. If there is an object or person present within the vicinity of the blind spot the alarm will automatically go off. Some systems also include a camera which will show the driver what exactly lies in the blind spot.

6. Collision Warning System

The danger of colliding with another car, object, or even a person can be decreased by this amazing technology. It takes advantage t of several sensors to sense the proximity with other objects. The driver will be warned when the vehicle is in danger with a crash. There are advanced collision warning systems with impressive preventive actions like applying tension to seat belt, brakes will be pre-charged, and so on.

7. Driver Drowsiness Detection

Whether the attention of the driver is completely on the road ahead can finally be detected with the driver drowsiness detection. These systems are designed in a way that look for signs where the driver's head is dropping or has started to sway in a motion that means sleepiness.

8. Lane Keeping Assistance

This technology ensures you don't deviate from the original lane because of not fatigue driving or distractions , to make you feel safe on the road. It uses sensors to detect whether or not the vehicle has started to drift away, if so, he driver is warned by the alarm, which prevents going off the road or hitting another car.

9. Hill Descent Control

When you are looking for advanced driver assistance technology helpful for mountain driving, then hill descent control is definitely one of them. It makes it easy and safe to descend hills by automatically activating the brakes, which helps the vehicle to slow down when it detects steep inclines.

10. Tire Pressure Monitoring

This technology use sensors that are mounted on your vehicle's wheel to measure the air pressure in tires. When the air pressure in the car drops below the specified level then you will be warned. The sensor transmits this information via the dashboard indicator light, or it sends it directly to the computer system of the car.

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