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Why You Should Not Park Car Under the Trees for a Long Time?

May 23, 2019, 2:48 pm / Abigail Williams
The use of cars is growing extensively whereby almost everyone has one. For this reason, parking is becoming quite a problem given that the cities are overwhelming with buildings. That is why most people living in the city have trouble finding ample parking for their cars. Consequently, parking under a tree becomes the most suitable solution as this can provide shade for the cars. However, you should know that parking your car under a tree for longer periods can cause so much damage. Go through this article to find out.
  1. Fallen leaves
After parking your car under a tree in a bid to look for a better shade, falling leaves becomes a huge problem. It may not seem as a big deal to clean all the leaves off your windshield but there is one place, we pay little attention to. The leaves can get in the way of the car's air conditioning in the air inlet. This in turn affects the cooling and heating of the air conditioner. In addition, they will leave a bad smell in the car when the leaves rot. What's more, leaves produce a viscous liquid that corrodes the paint of the car.
  1. Tree sap and insect fluid
Tree sap and insect fluid can cause damage to the surface of your car when left there for a long time. To start with, the sap and fluid from insects are quite disgusting to look at. They are also difficult to get off the surface of the car. This means that you will require extra force and this may tamper with the paintwork of the car.
  1. Fruits falling from the tree
When fruits ripe or in windy conditions, fruits from the tree tend to fall off straight to your car's exterior. The falling of the fruits can have adverse effects like breaking the windshield or smashing the body of the car. This is mainly experienced with bigger fruits. What's worse, if the fruits are ripe, they can crack open messing with the car surface.
  1. Typhoon
Although there is not a stronger typhoon that can carry the car away, it blows things towards and on to the car. A typhoon is strong enough to break the branches of a tree and these branches may fall on your car to scrap it. You will end up fixing a lot of damages on your car which is quite costly.


Before leaving your car at any given place, you should have enough knowledge on proper car parking techniques. This will reduce your car's maintenance cost.
  1. Use a car cover to shield the car
You can get a nice cover for your car to use whenever you park under a tree. The market is filled with car covers to shield cars in these conditions. Lanmodo car cover, for instance, provides excellent car protection in all four seasons. Not only is it big enough to cover the whole car body, it also looks good and is easy to set up. For a sedan, pickup, minivan or truck, this Lanmodo car protection cover is the best to use. It protects your car from the high temperatures of the sun and keeps it cool. In addition, you can easily wash the dust and dirt off this cover. What's more, it provides portability convenience when as it folds down to a lightweight and compact size.
  1. Park outdoor when there is no hot sun
Parking under the strong sun has adverse effects on the car's paintwork. That is why you should always look for a proper shade when parking your car. But you can park your car under the sky when the sun doesn't shine too much. This will reduce possible damages that may occur on your car's exterior.
  1. Don't park under the trees in windy conditions
As mentioned earlier, strong winds can break the branches of trees and this may end up smashing your car's surface. You can avoid this by ensuring that your car is parked far away from trees. Look for a place away from trees to leave your car when you decide to leave it for a long time. This is just one way to keep your car safe and reduce the maintenance cost.

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