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Troubled by Bird Droppings? What Should I Do to My Car?

May 11, 2019, 7:01 pm / Lara
I think I am not the one who is just puzzled with the bird droppings on the car. I can still recall that on a Tuesday I bought my first ever car, BMW X5, and after that, in the third morning, I found bird droppings on the car roof and it made me instantly irritated. My day started with irritation, I could not concentrate on my office work. And the day has spent with the thought of saving my car from this kind of unwanted problems.

Later I have found I am not the one likes to complain. On a regular basis, a lot of car owners are facing this kind of problem. It is not that my car look dull or its impression gets down due to the bird droppings. The problems go deeper than we can think.

Yes, I always park my car under a shed as I have my personal garage. There my car is safe from any kind of hazard. But not everywhere I go is my territory! You can relate that in the shopping mall area or even in the office areas, all the parking lots get filled too fast. And managing always a good car shelter for parking purpose is not possible. In the hot summer, we all prefer to park our cars under the trees. When there is a tree there will be many birds for sure. And there are too many birds in my city. I love their chirps in the morning and evening time but get irritated when their droppings on my car.

We have to adjust! I have checked a lot of car care forums for an effective solution. You all can relate that we do not always roam with the cleaning stuff or cleaning the bird dropping instantly is not always possible. Bird droppings get dried and when you clean it after a time, it takes a lot of time and energy. For the hygiene purpose or just to make the car clean, we need to enable the cleaning regime for a lot of time. In the places where bird droppings get dried, there we pour extra effort and cleanser for so many times. And after a time, we find their discoloration. When discoloration spreads, we need to prepare ourselves for expensive repair by the professionals. But I have reduced these problems with my own solution. And in the below section I am sharing that.

I was planning to enable a cover for my car. The cover will be easy to carry, lightweight, and easy-accessible and then I came across Lanmodo car canopy on Facebook, its automatic operating design attracted me. After reading the customer's reviews and watching the videos, I decided to have a try with it.

But I don't go blindly with that option. I search almost all the brands and related products online, compared all the details. And then I decided to avail this. Actually, within my budget, it is the best car canopy tent with all the required features. I placed the order and wait for a while. After receiving the product, I am really happy with it. The car canopy is so big that can fully cover my BMW X5! What's more, its foldable structure and light weight make it easy to carry and store. With its shelter, I do not worry about the bird droppings fall on my car anymore! I just need to wash the car canopy and this won't cost me a lot of time as its roof canopy is made with waterproof and durable Oxford cloth.

Later I have found that I can use the car canopy as a party tent when I am outside. A few days earlier, I had spent a great time with my family on a nearby beach. Everyone was worried about the shed that we might need on the beach, I thought why not use my Lanmodo portable car canopy as a shed there. And my ides just went viral in my family and we really had a great relaxed experience there. All I can say to conclude that I just bought this car canopy properly for car protection from the bird droppings but enjoying quite more benefits. Why not you have a try with it!

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