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The Importance of Car Maintenance and What You Should Do?

Feb 3, 2020, 6:38 pm / Abigail Williams

Purchasing a car is usually considered as an investment by many of us. Even before buying it, we inspect every aspect of the car thoroughly. And as we spend large amount of money, we desire to enjoy it for a long time. However, our great dependency on our cars, for our routine work, has made us forget about car maintenance and its importance. Due to our negligence towards car maintenance, the vehicle starts losing its shine in the blink of an eye. The car reaches its junk value too fast and leave us in a situation where we have to spend huge amount on repairing and maintenance of the car. In order to understand the importance of well-maintained vehicle you must understand the areas in which your car gets effected because of lack of proper maintenance.

  1. Reduces break down while driving on the road

A well-kept car will never leave you stranded on the road. The unexpected break downs occur when we are unaware of our car's condition. Regular maintenance help us keep a check on car's condition and give us time to resolve any unfortunate issue.

  1. Increases driving safety

When we travel in our cars, we always want a smooth, uninterrupted and comfortable journey. And in order to sustain that performance we must make sure that all parts of the vehicle, like brake pads, tires, windshields, headlights, etc., are in perfect condition. If any of the part starts causing trouble due to our carelessness, the chances of getting into an unfortunate mishap also increases.

  1. Helps vehicle lasts longer

A new and properly maintained car catches people's attention quickly. No matter how old our car is, we also want its shine to last longer. But when we start compromising on car's maintenance, the parts starts aging early. Hence, it is significant to take care of the needs of your vehicle to increase the durability of your car.

  1. Reduces the repairing cost

When you buy a car, you already spend a fortune and face a huge reduction from your saved money. Thus, no one wants to spend huge amount on car repair and maintenance. And the best way to reduce the repairing cost is by ensuring all the possible care and maintenance from the very beginning.

There are few basic things which you must put into consideration when thinking about car maintenance. These cost effective ways will protect your car from harmful weather condition as well as all the outdoor hazards.

Car maintenance checklist

  1. Maintaining the tires

Having good set of tires is very important in your car as it effects the car's performance immensely. The higher the quality of the tires, the smoother the ride will be. Moreover, tire maintenance is not only associated with safety but also has a huge impact on car's engine. Always carry the basic tire repairing tools with you like gauge, tire inflator, tire iron, etc. to save yourself from a greater damage.

  1. Regularly check the fluid

Oil acts as a lifeblood for your car. There are so many moving parts in your car that needs to be well-lubricated in order to keep them in perfect motion. But as we drive around, some oil burns up while some is degraded. Every week, with use of a dipstick, check the oil level and whether it has turned brown/black or not. Usually oil changing is required after every 3 months or 30,000 miles.

  1. Invest in engine maintenance

Poorly maintained vehicle causes drop in Engine performance. Hence, a tune up after every 60,000 miles is necessary along with investing in cooling systems in order to keep the engine from overheating. These small investments reduces later repair expenses and improve your car's lifespan.

  1. Clean up the headlights

Damaged and dirty headlights reduce the driver's visibility, hence, increases the chances of car damage and mishaps. Buy a special headlight cleaning kit or you even apply toothpaste on your foggy headlights to perfect clear view of the road and protect your car from any harm.

  1. Protect the car paint

UV rays, heavy rain or dust storm all dry out car's paint promptly. In Consequence, washing and waxing the car regularly are the best recommended option to protect the paint from fading away. Scrubbing and rubbing with soft cloth ensure that your car's exterior remains intact for long time.

Another way to protect the shine of your car is by investing in Lanmodo car cover. This portable car cover not only protects the car from brutal weather conditions but also keep the car cool and comfortable when parked outside. What makes it more convenient is that it is super easy to install and takes up few seconds to open or close.

  1. Look after the interior

The daily exposure to sunlight ruin the car's interior. Use stylish seat cover to protect the leather and vinyl from cracking up. Also the dust particles can also leave permanent stains on the interiors, hence, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean and save the cost of redoing the interior.

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