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Texas' Sunshine: How to Avoid Your Car Being a ‘Hot Dog'?

Jul 10, 2019, 3:59 pm / Evelyn Smith

During the summer months, most people walk around with fewer clothes and probably an umbrella or something to shield them from the searing sun. while this may be true to humans, the sun's rays can also cause adverse effects on automotive machinery such as cars. These effects can be so damaging that they can interfere with how your car functions while on the road. Well, you should learn a few tips that will aid in preventing the harmful effects on your vehicle especially in Texas' sunshine. As you live in Texas, you will know how violent the sunshine there and summer car care is much important. Take a look at this post for best sulutions to protect your car.

Pay more attantion to the finish and engine

Before embarking on any trip, you should always observe these simple tips to ensure high levels of car protection in the hot sun. Not only do you need to protect the dashboard and seats from the sun's rays, but also the finish and the engine. This means that both the exterior and interior parts if your car needs to be guarded during summer. First and foremost, you should protect the car's engine from overheating in order for it to function properly. Make sure you check the cooling system is in a good working condition and check the drive belts frequently. If the engine is exposed to too much heat from the sun, it eventually wears out the drive belt and breaks it. this can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Just ensure it is checked before you use your car.

Have a check for radiator cap

Another thing you shouldn't ignore when your car is in inspection is the radiator cap. This is a component in the cooling system of your car that plays the role of a heat exchanger. It transmits excess heat from the coolant fluid in the engine into the air. When you leave your car out in the sun, the engine tends to overheat and hence, cause stress to the cooling system. This system includes the radiation cap. The effect of heat on the radiation cap can cause corrosion and consequently interfering with the coolant flow through it. If you don't want to be left in stranded in the middle of your trip or in traffic, it is better to check the rad cap's condition. If you find it has any faults whatsoever, it is recommended that you clear it or replace it.

Make sure the coolant function well for you

After using your car for quite some time, it is ideal to replace some of the components that keep the engine alive. For instance, the coolant fluid used in the reservoir. When the sun's heat hit your car, it is important to check on the coolant and probably fill a fresh coolant. Besides using a fresh coolant fluid, you should check on its level to ensure it is between the MIN and MAX lines on the reservoir. You can do this when the engine is cold to avoid getting burned. If the coolant level is lower than the expected amount, you should add more to it.

Protect your paintwork

The exterior of your car is equally as important. You should always protect your car's paintwork. You can successfully achieve this by washing and manually drying your car on a regular basis. When you leave your car in the Texas sun, the heat can cause fading and crack of the paint on the surface. Therefore, start by removing dirt and dust particles on the surface to prevent possible scratches on the car's finish. Another option is to wax your car. This is the best and sure way to protect the surface from the harmful rays of the sun. Choose the best wax there is on the market to ensure perfect and reliable results. Regular waxing is the most ideal and guarantees protection every time.

Park shade and use car canopy

You can also skip all the trouble by parking your car in cool places. Find the best shade to park your car to prevent the sun's heat from damaging it. And since there are just a few places with a shade, you can have your own shade. You don't have to rely on the shade from under a tree or the one found in public parking when you can have your own. Take, for instance, the Lanmodo outdoor car canopy. It is a perfect cover that you can use to shield your vehicle from the scorching sun. The Lanmodo car canopy is similar to a big umbrella that acts as a barrier between your car and the sun's heat. As it is made of silver coating Oxford cloth, it can maintain a cool temperature on the surface of the car for your comfort and peace of mind.

Follow these tips to have your car a wonderful Texas summer!

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