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Must-Have Car Gadget for Better Driving Experience in Summer

Aug 19, 2019, 9:50 am / Evelyn Smith

The summer may be an interesting and happy season for many people, yet the scorching sun is usually a problem for drivers. Car owners usually experience difficulty in maintaining their car's road worthiness as intense summer heat usually results in damages on various part of vehicles. Well car owners can overcome summer heat by getting right summer car gadgets offered in the market. Below are some of these gadgets you should know about if you want to have a better driving experience in summer.

1. A pair of sunglasses

One of the most disturbing experiences while driving on a sunny summer is the reflection of the sun rays to the eyes. This can make drivers uncomfortable and difficult to see the road ahead. To solve this problem is a pair of sunglasses, which can protect the eyes from the effects of reflection coming from sun rays, therefore making your summer cruise more entertaining and comfortable than you can ever imagine.

2. A cool box

When it comes to the car gadgets for a summer cruise, the cool box should not be forgot. It is a kind of box designed with absolutely insulated materials to ensure stable coolness inside the box. With the help of car cool box, car users can bring food along when traveling for an outdoor event during summer. This is going to make your summer drive pleasurable notwithstanding the scorching of the sun.

3. Lanmodo car sun shade

To get a cool and comfortable summer travelling with your car, you should go for Lanmodo car sun shade. It is a sunshade with tech-improved features. With it is easy to install feature, you will not pass through a hassle to make use of it. The opening and closing of this sunshade only take within 8 seconds, and the installation process takes no more than 30 seconds in total. Thanks to its folding structure design, you can take it anywhere you decide to park your car and give it suitable protection.

There are many other exceptional features associated with Lanmodo sun shade for car that made it better than every other car sunshade brands in the market. These features include:

  1. The cover is made with 210D Oxford cloth that is super waterproof, anti-rust, anti-UV and easy to clean.
  2. It is built to keep your car cool even in the intense scorching of the summer sun. It solves the problem of uncomfortable feeling in the car during the intense summer heat by reducing the temperature of a car to up about 35 degrees.
  3. Double anti-theft designs and triple windproof designs.
  4. Suitable for various cars including Sedan, Hatchback, Station wagon, Minivan, truck, pickup and others.

4. Car mount holder

Knowing how high temperature inside a car can damage your mobile phone and other electronic devices, it is essential to get a suitably designed car mount holder. This holder is going to keep your electronic device away from getting in contact with the hot car dashboard. With that, you will not get the problem associated with damaging of your electronic devices such as GPS map, mobile phone and more.

5. Solar-powered fan

The uncomfortable car interior caused by scorching of the summer sun can be managed with the help of some essential gadgets in the car. The Solar-powered fan is one of the gadgets every car user needs to manage the negative effect of summer weather while on the go. The solar fan comes with many benefits that made it an ideal choice for all car users during the summer. Some of the benefits associated with the solar-powered fan for your car include:

  1. Quiet in Operation: This type of attic fan does not produce a loud sound that can cause a disturbance. Instead, it is made to operate quietly with a high level of efficiency.
  2. Easy installation: Adding to the quiet operation of this solar-powered fans for your car, it is easy to install. This is due to the fact that the fan does not require any form of structural work or wiring in the car.
  3. Active attic cooling: This is a fan is designed with active vent, which helps to pull out hot air, creating negative pressure that draws cool and fresh air inside the car.

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