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Improve Your Vehicle Performance with 7 Worthwhile Car Modifications

Dec 5, 2019, 9:06 am / Richard

Car modifications are often linked to increased fuel consumption. However, this is not the case. If you look at the bigger picture, it will appear that appropriate modifications often lead to improving the vehicle's overall performance.

Thoughtful car performance upgrades and modifications lead to significant improvement in your ride. We have listed 7 car improvements, which are worthwhile and, if implemented, will lead to the excellent performance of your vehicle.

1. Add steering wheel buttons

Advanced technology has brought many controls from the dashboard onto the steering wheel. Functions like radio operation, cruise control operation and many such buttons have made their way into the steering wheel control system.

Placing such controls conveniently onto the steering is a great initiative to add to road safety. While driving, you can easily operate your vehicle with buttons at your fingerprints, so you will keep your attention on the road. Adding steering wheel buttons as a part of your car upgrades is surely an affordable way to enhance driving safety.

2. Replace brake pedals

Brakes are undoubtedly the most crucial part of your vehicle. However, the brake pedals are often left unattended. This can pull down your car performance and also be dangerous. It is wise to keep a regular check on the brake pedals. An ideal brake pedal will feel solid and brakes will apply gradually. Having efficient brake pedals in place will help you to control your speed and keep up the vehicle performance too.

3. Install a night vision camera

Night vision cameras are a blessing if you are a night traveler. Installing a night camera will improve your vision under bad lighting conditions. The Lanmodo Vast automotive night vision camera is a wonderful driving assistant that can make your night ride a very smooth experience.

The Lanmodo night vision camera comes with a 7G full glass lens, which displays the images in a high definition of 1080P. This night vision system uses low-light imaging technology to reflect the actual road situation under low lighting. It also comes with an 8.2” IPS screen to facilitate the driver to view the road without any distraction. This night camera is capable of covering a broader view of the road with its 36-degree wide-angle feature. Adding this to your vehicle will enhance your car performance and keep you safe and sound on the road.

4. Get an air suspension kit

One of the best car performance upgrades would be to have an air suspension in your vehicle. Some of the benefits of air suspension kits are that they can improve the responsiveness of your vehicle, promote a fuel efficient drive and also help your vehicle to move up and down. With an air suspension kit in your vehicle, you can smoothly glide over bumps. This is in absolute contrast with traditional suspensions which deliver rough performance.

5. New car headlights

Headlights are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. They play a crucial role during night time traveling, rains, snow, and fog too. Having the right headlights helps you to easily perceive the road and take the necessary precautions. As your car ages, the bulb performance also decreases. Hence, it is important to upgrade to new car headlights. This not only keeps your vision clear but also improve safety.

6. Radiator upgrade

Upgrading your car includes the up-gradation of many parts apart from the motor and transmission system. Your car's radiator plays a very crucial role in maintaining the necessary heat and keeping your car engine cool. An old radiator won't undertake its task perfectly, so upgrading your radiator periodically will keep your vehicle's performance at its optimum level.

7. In-dash car audio

In-dash car audio system includes features like MP3/DVD player, in-built Bluetooth connectivity, Android connectivity and so on. Having an in-dash car audio system can be of great assistance to you while driving. You can very conveniently use the various features without much distraction. In-dash car audio systems also include GPS technology, which is again a very easy way to reach your destination.

The above stated upgradations are worth every penny as they add to your safety and security on the road. To keep your vehicle performing at its best, you need to implement the necessary car upgrades from time to time.

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