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Holiday Shopping Parking Stress: Top 7 Tips to Beat it

Apr 19, 2019, 9:33 am / Evelyn Smith

Holidays are meant for relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. One common way of doing it is to go shopping with them and taking them out for movies and shows. However, if you head out to any of these places during the holiday season one problem that you are most likely to encounter is finding a parking spot for your car. It is more likely to jam-packed and many people spend hours looking for a parking place and lose their patience there itself which tends to spoil the mood completely. Someone who has had this experience before would prefer staying indoors than heading out during the holiday season and taking unnecessary parking stress. If you take some simple steps you can handle holiday shopping parking stress easily though.

Don't hunt for a great spot

In general, this corresponds to the statement that you shouldn't be too greedy for anything. Holiday time is generally a time of crisis as far as getting a parking space is concerned, so it is advisable that you should not be too picky when looking for a spot. If it is good enough to keep your car safe and covered adequately, then you should settle for it. Who knows, that might be the best spot for you considering the fact that it is the holiday season and everywhere space seems to be quite limited.

Think twice before parking near an exit

The situation might arise that a parking spot is available for you near the area of exit. Technically speaking, it will be easier for you to leave the parking space when you want to leave but the converse is also the same. Anyone looking to exit would do so from your side. Chances of damages and getting stuck in the queue are pretty high. So you should be wary while choosing to park near the exit.

Remember where you park

The shopping malls and theaters have huge parking space and many people have similar cars. These two situations might make your car detection when you come back a little problematic. Generally, parking spaces have some kind of sequential numbering system on the pillars or walls that helps in easy identification. Make a note of it in order to remember where you have parked and locate it easily.

Park with a reservation

Just like you book an exclusive space for you in a restaurant or a hotel, you should try to do the same for your parking spot as well. Most places have a reserved place for parking which is overseen by a security guard. Try choosing such arrangements for your car and you can roam around without any fear or tension.

Be considerate

Remember, everyone is in the same position as you are. It is important that you remain considerate and calm all the time. Don't try to cut into other's parking space just because you have the opportunity. Give someone their place if they were genuinely there before you and do not cause any unnecessary ruckus.

Be polite

Just because getting a parking space during the holiday season is difficult, it doesn't mean you have to be rude and impolite to the people around you. Even if such a situation arises where you feel someone has forced themselves on your parking spot, don't just start an argument. A polite conversation and a request should be enough. Avoid confrontations as much as possible.

Use the customized car canopy

Despite your best efforts, you may have to park your car in the open, either because of a genuine lack of space or because the parking area is itself open-roof. An outdoor customized car canopy is going to prove very useful here. There are quite a few companies providing these canopies but the one that has gained a lot of popularity of late is Lanmodo. A Lanmodo car canopy is easily portable and can easily fit in the boot space of your car. It can provide the necessary protection from the sun, rain or any inclement weather. They are also available in a wide variety of colors which helps in identifying your car easily. Other than providing protection, it can be used for other purposes as well as an umbrella during picnics, chilling in beach etc. Thus, a Lanmodo car canopy has quite a few utilities.
Lanmodo car canopy

Parking stress can become quite a bother during the holiday season but if you have the proper means and a cool head to deal with it, any complication can be avoided. A portable car canopy can serve many purposes otherwise as well.

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