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6 Affordable Upgrades to Enhance Vehicle Performance

Sep 27, 2020, 2:38 pm / Brian Lageose

After you've purchased a car and you've been using it for quite a long period of time, it becomes your responsibility to see that its performance is enhanced, while looking like you just drove it out of the showroom. There is an endless list of upgrades and modifications that you can get for your car and they won't cost you too much money.

1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Of course before this, you need a good set of tires. The objective of the tire pressure monitoring system is to warn you about one or more tires that are inappropriately inflated, which makes the car unsafe for driving conditions. This system has a yellow symbol that is shaped like a horseshoe and with an exclamation mark in the middle. Having a TPMS in your maintenance tool box can help you avoid many serious accidents. However, manual checking of tire pressure should not be stopped, as it is very important.

2. Night Vision Camera for Car

Driving deep into the night may not be a safe option for drivers who have issues with visibility, as well as during rainy days and foggy weather. Lanmodo car night vision camera is an after-market system that will give you an enhanced view of the road ahead, thus helping prevent accidents. While driving in low-light condition, Lanmodo camera can capture the image and relay it to its display screen, so you will know the situation of the road from about 984 feet further forward.

This impressive innovative product provides full color image in 1080p resolution, which reflects the real situation in 36” angle vision. It is applicable to 99 per cent of all car makes and models and it can be easily installed by yourself. Unlike the built-in night vision cameras that are priced at about $2,500 each, the Lanmodo costs only between $499 and $599.

3. New Headlights

Headlights are a car's tool for great visibility. If you are using a vehicle with headlights that have become old, hazy or yellowed and cannot be improved by polishing, it needs to be replaced. These things are like the car's or truck's eyes; while they allow you to see in the dark, they also give your car, a distinctive look.

4. Car Cover

To enhance the performance of your vehicle, you also need to protect it from UV rays, bird droppings, dirt, pollutants, tree sap and the weather. A car cover can prevent your car from getting unsightly dents, scratches and dings that are caused by man-made or natural objects. Your precious vehicle gets the shield it needs, from hazards that can destroy the paint or finish, by acting as a barrier between your car paint and the harsh, damaging weather. While doing all these protections, a car cover also discourages bad people from committing acts of theft.

5. New Car Paint

Deciding to have your car repainted, after it has served you for long years is something that will give you a lot of satisfaction. It will not only make your car look like it is newly bought, but it can significantly improve its exterior's durability. You do not have to wait until you see your paint start to fade, peel or get severe scratches. It is of great significance that special care be given to your car and the paint is an important part of a vehicle, especially when its value is being considered.

6. Car Backseat Organizer

It is not only the exterior of the car, but also the interior that should look good, comfortable and presentable. A car owner should be organized. The old saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place” does not apply only to the kitchen or a house, but also to a car. One very effective and affordable upgrade that you can get for your car is the backseat organizer. It has compartments with iPad and tablet holders and is made of materials that are friendly to the environment.

The car backseat organizer will serve as the catch for all items that you casually throw back there, as you make your trip. There are a lot of these items available in the market and they will be working hard to keep your car interiors, looking neat on the inside. You can place all your items on this organizer, including the children's toys, so they don't get bored, when your family makes a long trip somewhere.

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