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5 Easy Car Maintenance Tips for a Harsh Summer

May 27, 2019, 9:15 am / Abigail Williams

With summer break right around the corner, travel enthusiasts all around the world are packing up the gear for those long-anticipated summer trips. Although the conditions outside are harsh with the temperatures hitting an all-time high, a well-maintained vehicle with some additional precautions might be just what you need to take the roads head on. For a smooth, uninterrupted and comfortable journey, it is important that you take care of the summer needs of your vehicle. That is why we have jotted down some of the basic tips to make summer car maintenance easy for you.

1. Park your car in a shady area

Summer can be harsh on your vehicle. So, during those long road trips, keeping your car cool is the key. Cars usually have the built-in air-conditioning system that helps the car maintain its cool. But it is important that you do your bit in protecting the car from the heat outside, parking the car under a shade when not moving is surely a cheap and easy way to keep the car temperature down.

2. Tint the car windows

Another easy way to make sure the interiors of your car is cool, is by cutting the amount of sunlight that enters your car. There are several ways to do this. One basic step is to tint your car windows, which comes with several benefits. Tinting the windows is known to block about 99% of the sun's harmful UV radiation. This is a major boon to the people inside, especially when you plan to drive for long spans of time in the summer.

3. Check the vehicle parts thoroughly before starting on the trip

Before driving off, make sure all the parts of your vehicle are working properly. Summer heat can be hard on various parts of your car like the engine, tyres, coolant, air-conditioning systems etc. Leaky radiators, under/over-inflated tyres, cracked hoses are some of the things to be checked thoroughly that can potentially lead to a total breakdown of your car.

4. Avoid long-time driving under the sun

Maintaining a comfortable environment in the car is crucial for its efficient performance. Be it the condition of the heating engine and the scorching sun, a well-maintained atmosphere is also essential for the comfort of passengers inside. Although summers can be tempting for road trips, with the temperatures rising profoundly, it is always advised that you avoid long-time driving under the sun inside a car.

5. Beat the heat with lanmodo Car Tent

Travelling in a car, with the heat radiating from outside can be equally exhausting to your car as well as the passengers inside. This might be a good time to think about investing in a good car sun shade, like the Lanmodo car tent.

The Lanmodo car tent with its unique design, helps protect your vehicle and the passengers inside from the harsh sun outside. This shading device is known to reduce the temperature of a car up to 36 degree Celsius, making it your perfect outdoor companion especially during the summers.

Available in auto or semi-auto types, this car sun shade comes in a variety of colors, you can even customize your own car tent. It fits almost perfectly any vehicle, be it an SUV, sedan or even a truck. This is a portable car tent with its foldable structure so that it can be packed into the trunk of the vehicle, for anytime protection. Besides acting as a car tent, it can be used for other outdoor activities as well. For instance, it transforms into an umbrella with adjustable stand that can give protection to you as well as your family, from the hot sun rays, when you decide to crash outdoors. It has a sturdy architecture that gives protection even from winds.

Although the clear sky and the wonderful summer breeze can be tempting, with temperatures well over 40 degree Celsius, it really isn't the best condition to step outside. And because the heat takes a toll on your vehicle too, it is extremely important that you take care of your ride during the season, if you don't wish to be left stranded in the middle of your journey with an overheated piece of metal.

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