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How to Get Custom Car Shade

Nov 10, 2018, 4:43 pm / Evelyn Smith
If you want to get a car shade, you will have two options to select from which are traditional and Lanmodo custom car shade. While traditional car cover protects the car from rain flash and direct sunlight, it does have a way of damaging the car also. It does come in gray color which does not look appealing to all car owners. For that reason, people of this modern world do not like going for the car cover that will deny their car chance to still look cool after being covered. That is the reason for custom shades for cars.

Part 1: Traditional Car Cover

There are basically three types of traditional car covers in the market. These three car cover types are:
  1. Waterproof Car Cover
    This is type of traditional car cover coated with plastic or plastic film fabric. Being made with plastic coated fabric it is able to prevent rain from dropping on the car. But usually traps down moisture. The issue is that the trapped moisture can damage your car paint even worse than it should have been when you avoid covering the car with traditional cover.
  2. Water Resistance and Breathable Car Cover
    The water resistance and breathable car cover is made in several sizes, weight and fabric. This type of traditional car cover can protect the car from direct contact with water and also ensure proper air circulation making sure there is no moisture or condensation.
  3. 100% Cotton Polyester or Cotton Traditional Car Cover
    The 100% cotton or cotton polyester traditional car cover is made in two different styles which are traditional fabric style. While this cover can offer lots of benefits it also has the down side which is scratching off the paint due to the polyester.
These covers though usually succeeds in covering the entire car yet usually denies the car the impressive and cool look. There is no much choice for people as far as color is concerned and it does come in single size which does not match all cars. And also, the cover quality are uneven.

Part 2: Lanmodo Custom Car Sunshade

  1. When it comes to custom car canopy, you need Lanmodo product made with features that will suit all users. It is built in different sizes in order to suit cars depending on their sizes. So, you can find this customized car canopy built for mini car, pickup, SUV and lots more.
  2. The lanmodo car cover is built in several color options including: Black, Camouflage, blue, silver gray and others. Just go ahead and select your best suited color of custom fit sunshades for cars made by Lanmodo and you will be sure of enjoying cool looking and well covered car.
  3. Another wonderful thing about Lanmodo custom car canopy is that the cover cloth is easy to change. Apart from the fact that you can change the color of car canopy the way you like, cleaning and washing the umbrella cloth is not difficult.
  4. The anti-heated theory associated with Lanmodo car canopy, is among the reasons you need to go for it. The canopy will be able to control the temperature of your car making sure the interior is not over heated.
  5. Just know that you will not need to do any work when it comes to covering your car with this customized car cover. It is built with automatic remote control mechanism. That means just by pressing down button on your remote the custom canopy will set up itself perfectly.

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