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Why You Need A Car Umbrella?

Mar 11, 2019, 4:55 pm / Brian Lageose
Cars, when not in use, should be parked in covered garages to keep them cool and safe. However, not every car owner can do this, for obvious reasons. So when you jump into your car after it has been parked under the sun while you're at home or at work, you will feel the extreme heat on the interior. To get relief, you open the windows or turn the car air conditioning full blast. Being in this situation can be very uncomfortable but you worry not; because the Lanmodo new car umbrella can help you solve this problem.

Keep Your Car Cool Anytime, Anywhere with Lanmodo Car Umbrella

That is the one of the purpose of this car tent: to maintain the cool temperature of your car with umbrella. It shelters your car from the heat of the sun, even at the hottest period of the year. If you leave your car outside, its internal temperature can rise and have a higher degree of heat than outside temperature. The extreme heat inside can possibly damage your car accessories, as well as your own health when you enter it at a high temperature.

It is a must for every car owner like you to protect it from the damaging heat. The Lanmodo car-mounted umbrella can help you do that and more.

A Car Umbrella Can Protect Your Car From Daily Damage

Lanmodo car umbrella is made of 210D Oxford cloth and fiberglass materials, which are particularly strong, water repellent, lightweight and very versatile. Moreover, the well-built architecture of the car tent can keep your car safe.

When it comes to protection, you should remember that it is not only insurance that can offer you protection. Whenever your car is parked in the open, the car umbrella can prevent it from being damaged by falling debris/dust from a nearby construction site. Not only that, this car tent can also protect your car from:
  1. hail and bricks that fall down from high places
  2. bird poops or droppings, leaves
  3. snow
Hail and bricks can damage your car surface. You are also protected from bird poops and sap which can stain the paint of your vehicle and are difficult to clean, especially after they become hard and dry.

The Lanmodo Car Umbrella Makes Your Life Easier and Better

Maintaining and protecting your car always present some difficulties. However, the Lanmodo car with umbrella can actually make your life easier and better. Take note of the following:

1. It is easy to install and store

The installation of the car tent takes only 30 seconds and with foldable programming, it is easy to unfold and cover your entire car. When, not in use, it is also easy to retract. The Lanmodo foldable car umbrella is operated by a remote control that comes with it upon purchase. A simple tap on the remote will unfold it and another tap will fold it to its original position, ready to be stored in your trunk.

2. It is easy to clean

Cleaning the car tent cloth has never been easier! Because the cloth is waterproof, it can be simply rinsed with water to remove the dirt and dust that has collected on it. If it has got stained, just apply some detergent and wash it away with water.

3. It is portable, which means that you can move it from one place to another

Because it is lightweight and it does not demand too much space in the trunk, you can take your car umbrella with you to any place and at any time that you need. Even if you can't find an available covered parking space and you have to park it in the open, don't worry that it will get stolen. Why, because the tent comes with an anti-theft belt that can be attached to the car door and it is not easy to cut, thus giving you an added feeling of security.

4. It offers more value

This car tent can do more than what you expect from a new car umbrella - keeping your car's desirable temperature and giving it the protection required from nature's elements and other damaging things. It's so versatile that by simply fixing it with stands and side canopies, it can be easily transformed into:
  1. an automatic tent; when you go to the beach with the family
  2. a picnic umbrella in your garden
  3. a great camping shelter that can fit over 7 family members underneath it
  4. a fishing canopy, to protect you from too much heat while fishing
Landmo can do customization; customize your own design to make your car umbrella unique. You can customize colors, patterns and characters. You can even print your company logo on car umbrella cloth.

With the amazing features and benefits that you could get from this Lanmodo car-mounted umbrella, you will never think of purchasing an ordinary car cover again.

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