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Ultimate Guide to Lanmodo Car Umbrella You Should Know

Mar 12, 2019, 6:20 pm / Abigail Williams

Making up your mind to use car umbrella, and selecting the best one is a major issue. With many types in the market today, it can be overwhelming deciding on which one to go for. Most brands out there are built to compete with each other. But, there is a brand that is a class of its own and that is Lanmodo car umbrella. This brand has been the best since the release into the market till date. It is a class of its own without a major competitor. Read to the end of this content to understand more about this Lanmodo auto car umbrella.

Benefits of a car umbrella you should know

There are a lot of benefits to having a car umbrella. It can protect from:

  1. Dust, dirt: Exposing your car to dust and other dirt can tarnish the elegant look. Dusts usually dirty the exterior and interior part of your car, requiring frequent washing of your car.
  2. Bird dropping, fallen leaves: There are many things to worry about when you park your car outdoor without proper coverage. Bird dropping and fallen leaves can make your car look dirty. Not only that, some bird droppings have acid content, which can easily damage car paint easily.
  3. Sun and UV rays: The sun and ultra violet rays can also cause a major damage in your car. It can make the exterior paint to fade quickly.
  4. Heat: Exposing your car outdoor without coverage can increase the heat inside. This heat can cause damages to different components of the car. The viscosity of a fluid in the car will reduce. There can also be linear expansivity on the metal parts of the car.
  5. Snow, hail, acid rain: Your windshield can be scratched and damaged following regular scooping of snow. Hail can also cause considerable damage to the windshield. The acid rain can damage the exterior paint making it peel off quicker than ever.

How to install Lanmodo car umbrella

Lanmodo is the best car umbrella brand in the market. Its installation is super easy as it requires only one person to be installed. The lightweight nature has made it easy for one person to carry the installation process. It can take an individual only 30s to complete the installation of this umbrella. Even after the installation, opening and closing of the umbrella is done with a remote control. This usually takes a simple click of a mouse just within 8s to open or close. So, it is the best ever umbrella for all cars with the simplest installation process.

How to fold and store Lanmodo car umbrella

There are features of Lanmodo car umbrella that made it the best among equals. One of such features is the foldable feature. This is the feature that made it easy for users to carry it along anywhere. It is quite portable and easily moveable when folded that one can easily fit it into the car trunk. With this, you are sure of moving around with the cover without having to be overweighed. Adding to the lightweight nature of this umbrella, it comes in a very small package size. Therefore, it will not take up much space when you put it in your trunk. In case, the umbrella got wet, you should simple dry and return it to the package.

How to clean Lanmodo car umbrella

Cleaning and maintenance are the two important points to take cognizance of when you want to buy an automatic car umbrella. Lanmodo is built with specially manufactured 210D Oxford canopy cloth that does not get stained easily. This canopy is also super easy to clean. In addition, this oxford canopy cloth is waterproofed, and you can wash it with water. With the quality cloth used in making this Lanmodo automatic canopy durability is assured to all users. Therefore, you can experience long-term use when you make this all-weather car umbrella brand your best choice for car protection.

How to protect Lanmodo car umbrella from being stolen

There are also many features of Lanmodo auto car umbrella that made it difficult to be stolen. The manufacturers are aware that some people will like to steal another person's own. That is why they have included an anti-theft belt to it. This belt is attached from suction base to front doors. This is to keep Lanmodo Pro in a safe condition for users. These belts cannot easily be cut due to the steel wires inside.

Lanmodo automatic car umbrella also comes with added security and anti-theft feature. It is built to be controlled with a remote control, which helps in opening and closing the Lanmodo Pro car tent. So, an intruder will not be able to use the umbrella without the remote control.

Use Lanmodo car umbrella as multi tools

The use of Lanmodo car umbrella goes beyond car coverage. It is built with various features that enable multi-functionalities and uses. There is a USB charging port of an easy phone while in outdoor space. This can also give you an opportunity to charge your devices such as a rechargeable lantern, torch, and others with a USB port.

The additional accessories of Lanmodo auto tent have made it useful for various outdoor activities. You can turn it into a camping tent, beach umbrella, outdoor theater and lots more. Those planning for their special outdoor activity may not need to worry about getting other canopies as they can make use of this Lanmodo umbrella.

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