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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Automatic Car Umbrella

Mar 6, 2019, 4:53 pm / Brian Lageose
With an appropriate car cover, you don't have to worry about your car heating up from the inside while parked. There is a wide range of car covers on the market, but one of the best covers for car is an automatic car umbrella. Every car owner should have this product due to the following reasons:
  1. Protect your car from heat and bad weather conditions
  2. There is nothing better than to sit in the shade after a long ride on a hot summer day, while wait children from school and at the same time to advertise what you do. In addition to heat, this umbrella will also protect your car from rain, strong winds, snow, and so on. No matter what is the weather condition outside, your car will always be protected and safe under this amazing umbrella.

    1. Protect your car from various outdoor hazards
      What is worse than when you see your pet car that is just out of the wash and it's polluted with bird droppings? Well, with Lanmodo auto car umbrella you will forget that you ever had this problem. You do not have to worry about dust, dirt, scratches, thief and other outdoor hazards because this miraculous gadget device is equipped with a phenomenal protective system against thieves in the form of belts with wires in them, which are very difficult to cut through and remove.
    2. Allow you to put your logo on the top of the car
      The Lanmodo automatic car cover umbrella can be easily turned into advertising space by printing your logo on it and the name of your business. Therefore, it highly recommended to business people who want to promote their company and brands.
    3. Quick and easy assembly/disassembly
      This product has the full potential to become an integral part of the basic equipment of every car. Quickly set up and even faster opening this umbrella, with remote that manages batteries which last full month, will make your life easier to the maximum.
    4. Easy to carry in the trunk
      The car umbrella can be folded into a neat bag and carried in your car with ease. It has strong hydraulic columns that make it quite easy to set up; the auto car umbrella come with automatic one-click setup option.
    5. Custom design
      You can customize your umbrella in terms of color, size, shape, and other features. This way, it will perfectly match your car and meet all your requirements.
    6. Multiple functions - You can also use it as a parasol for picnic
      If you are heading for a picnic with friends and family, this can be the best alternate. If by any chance you want to take a break on the road and take a nap in your car but you cannot find a suitable place under a tree or some shade, immediately use the auto car tent and provide yourself a treat for an afternoon nap in the shade of what no tree ever can provide you with.
    7. The Lanmodo auto car umbrella features a patented automatic folding structure. The design allows for remarkable stability. Furthermore, the structure is windproof and can withstand grade 7 level strong winds. There are also four ropes that attach to the car for further protection and stability. A TCU circle makes the bottom of the umbrella.

      The dimensions of this auto car umbrella cover are 2100mm x 3500mm. This means that can easily cover your entire vehicle to keep it protected. Having this umbrella on your vehicle can easily help you experience a temperature difference of 36 degree. There's no need for you to open the doors and wait for your car to cool down anymore. The measures of rolled up umbrella is 85cm and the weight is only 6 kilograms. Furthermore, installation only takes 30 seconds. When the umbrella is not in use, you can roll it up and put it in the truck.

      So, go ahead and use the Lanmodo car umbrella to protect your car!

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