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Six Benefits of Using Mobile Car Umbrella in Winter

Mar 6, 2019, 5:37 pm / Lara
Taking care of the car in harsh conditions in winter can become a task at times, and also involves a lot of time, patience and money. It is essential to be pre-equipped with everything related to the protection of the car, so that everything can be under control. With the major change in the weather conditions, one must always be precautious regarding their car. For this, they can opt for Lanmodo mobile car umbrella, which would save their car from getting damaged, no matter what the weather condition is. Lanmodo Car Umbrella is a multifunctional car umbrella, and it is so convenient with many benefits that it has.

Protects the car from extreme climatic conditions in winter

People generally tend to worry about their cars in the extreme and harsh climatic conditions, but Lanmodo car umbrella is here to solve everything. The best quality is that it is made up of fibre glass, which would eventually protect the car if it snows, rains, or even if there is an unexpected hail storm. Getting the Lanmodo car mbrella is a one-time investment, and is better than building up expenses for repairing the car. No need to worry anymore if the temperature outside is too high or too low, the car umbrella has everything covered.

Lanmodo car umbrella would protect your car anywhere

The Lanmodo car umbrella is easily portable, making it easier for the person to carry it wherever they are going. It does not weigh much, and is only about 6kg. It is foldable, and once folded, the packed size comes up to 85 cm which is very convenient to carry everywhere. It can be folded and kept at the back of the car, and can come into use whenever it is necessary. So while planning a road trip, there is no need to worry about the car anymore, as it is totally secure with Lanmodo movable car umbrella.

Lanmodo Pro car umbrella provides full cover

The Lanmodo Car Umbrella comes in two versions- Lanmodo Car Umbrella and Lanmodo Pro Car Umbrella. The latter comes in the size of 4.8 m * 2.3 m, making sure that the entire vehicle is being fully covered. It saves the vehicle from being destructed in every way possible, making it totally worth it.

Ensure security and safety of your car

Unexpected disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. May it be a man-made disaster or a natural disaster, one must always be ready to face it. The Lanmodo car umbrella not just protects the car from the climatic conditions, it also protects it from the unexpected disasters. If something unexpectedly tends to fall on the car, the umbrella would protect it, making it safe from a major damage. The most common thing that is heard is that there has been a car-theft in the neighbourhood, and the people need to be very careful about their belongings. The car umbrella has an anti-theft design and no one can steal the umbrella, so eventually it would protect the car the entire time.

The canopy of the Lanmodo car umbrella can be easily cleaned

Maintaining everything around is very important. There are some things that are maintained easily, and there are some that take a lot of efforts to be maintained. One of the best part about this car umbrella is that its maintenance is very easy, as its canopy can be cleaned without any problem. It is very easy-to-clean and is waterproof, making the car more secure.

DIY support

Another best thing about the car umbrella is that it is not just for a particular set of cars, but is available for all the cars. There are various colors available in order to make the car look more stylish and attractive, and protect it at the same time. One can also get the car umbrella customized as per their wish, so as to make their car equipment look even more stylish. While getting it customized, one can also think about getting their brand or business advertised on the go. The car umbrella once fully charged, works up to 45 days, making it very convenient to use and take care of. Securing the car is one of the most important things to do, and Lanmodo car umbrella makes sure that the car is safe from everything. Working as a car protector, a tent, or a charging port, the car umbrella has made everything very easy and convenient. It definitely proves its worth for a one-time investment, and eventually saves up on a lot of expenses that would have happened otherwise.

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