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Multifunctional Automatic Car Umbrella -- Lanmodo

Mar 11, 2019, 4:49 pm / Evelyn Smith
Are you getting weary of labor-intensive car covers, which are intricate and waste your precious time? You can opt, Lanmodo car umbrella that is simple to set up as it gets operates with the help of single touch wireless remote. You can easily fold and unfold the car umbrella using remote control. It just takes 8 seconds to open and the overall installation procedure takes around 30 seconds. Meanwhile, the automatic car umbrella is multifunctional.

Provides Four Season Protection To Your Car

Lanmodo automatic car umbrella can provide multiple weather protection to your car. Be it summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring you don't need to worry about the well being of your car if you owe this car umbrella. In summer it is going to keep the cool maintained inside the body of your car by preventing it from direct sun rays. In winter it will Prevent your car from snow clogging. The covering has a dimension of (4.8*2.3) which is pretty enough to defend your vehicle from bird droppings, dirt, acid rain, dry leaves in rest of the seasons.

Made Up Of Tough Military Fiberglass To Offer great endurance

Lanmodo car umbrella is tough enough to keep your car safe from all types of damage. It can protect your car from falling objects, snowfall and hailstones as it is made up of military fiberglass. It is waterproof as well as snow proof. Powerful structural designs and fiberglass stuff keep your vehicles protected from everyday harms. The toughness of the covering keeps the car safe in all the conditions. You need not worry about the car getting damaged by atmospheric changes or any falling objects. This will guarantee sustainability in every situation.

Anti-Theft Design Helps Keep It Protected

Lanmodo car umbrella is specifically made using a dual anti-theft arrangement linked from suction stand to doors on the front side. It boasts of internal steel wires and this makes it hard for a person to cut the belt. Lanmodo car umbrella gets opened and closed using a remote control and it not possible for a person to make use of it without the remote control.

Give Your Favorite Design or Look To Your Covering

You can easily customize your auto car umbrella according to your favorite shade and pattern. You can also customize it using your favorite characters and patterns. If you are a company owner or franchise holder, you can even print the badge or insignia on the high-quality car umbrella fabric. Since the coverings are really defensive, there is no need to send your vehicle to get cleaned, refined or re-polished again and again. You will save yourself from the trouble, irritation and your hard earned money owing to the covering. Being a very cost effective product it will act as an asset for your savings.

Change Into A Beach Umbrella Or Camping Tent

Making use of an added stand and side covering, you can convert your car tent into a big sunshade in the backyard, seashore, and parasol. Not only this, you can also make use of it as a camping tent under which you can get pleasure from an outdoor party. It is also be utilized as a great parasol for a gratifying beach holiday. The big camping tent made using the vehicle covering can provide unlimited space to get pleasure from outdoor activities with your besties.

Charge Your Handset With USB Port Fit Within Car Umbrella

Lanmodo automatic car umbrella also carries a USB socket that can help you charge your handset. Yes, this is true. The USB port fitted within the umbrella is located near the suction base. It can assist you to charge your device when its battery gets low or connect LED lights. Besides, it can also light up the place where you are enjoying fishing during the night, camping or dance gathering.

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