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Lanmodo Pro Car Umbrella Protect Your Car from Bird Droppings

Mar 12, 2019, 4:26 pm / Brian Lageose

Parking your car in an open space can expose it to several damaging elements. Adding to the dust, acid rain, and dirty water flashes, bird droppings are another annoying thing to a car parked in an open space. There are more to bird droppings order than making your car dirty. The droppings also contain acid that can react with car paint to make it peel off easily. You may be thinking that frequent washing can help you solve this problem caused by birds dropping, the truth is that washing your car frequently can make paint fade away quickly. You can get a lasting solution to bird dropping by covering your car with Lanmodo Pro car umbrella.

Lanmodo Pro fully cover your car

Many things made Lanmodo Pro car umbrella the best choice for your car. While other car covers are made for specific car sizes, this is made for multiple car sizes. The dimension of this car cover measured 4.8m * 2.3m. This is a universal car umbrella size that can be fitting for many kinds of cars. It can cover your car effectively from an external element. With the universal size, you are no more going to worry about removing bird droppings on your car as the dropping will rather be on the cover while the car is fully protected. This is notwithstanding the kind of car you currently needed cover for whether Hatchback, Sedan, Station Wagon, Mini Van, and others. In fact, you will not need to worry about buying another car cover simply because you changed to another car as the size can suit the new car perfectly.

The canopy is made of Oxford cloth

When you have many car covers before you to compare and select the best, there are some important factors to consider as criteria. Since you will not like water to touch your car where you park it, the canopy should be well waterproofed. More so, as you will not like to continue changing your car cover from time to time, it is good that you confirm the durability of each and every one of the car covers to get the best. Another thing to consider is the way to use the car whether it is easy or difficult. These are the reasons Lanmodo water proof car umbrella remains the best among others. Adding to the fact that it is waterproofed, the canopy is also durable being made of high-quality material. More so, with the remote control and other auto features associated with the umbrella, it is extremely easy to use the canopy can be easily washed when stained with birds dropping.

Portable and light weight

Adding to the features of lanmodo car umbrella that made it suitable for all car owners, it is quite portable as well as lightweight. This is a well designed foldable car umbrella with an untold portability. With the portability of lanmodo car umbrella, it can accommodate inside your car trunk when you want to take it outside to use. The size of this car umbrella is really small when folded making putting it inside your car trunk stress-free. Not only is the folded size of this car cover small in size, but it is also lightweight, weighing only a 6kg. Therefore, you can easily take your Lanmodo auto car umbrella anywhere you want without getting overweighed with the weight. The lightweight, foldable and portable feature of this car cover has made it the best choice for outdoor activities including camping, beach party, and others. You can easily take it with you to the office without any discomfort.

Built with strong structure

As you will not like a slight or heavy wind to blow away your car cover when you use it to protect your car against bird dropping, you need to check the strength of the structure. The Lanmodo Pro is made with fiberglass sturdy frame with a capability to withstanding high winds and heavy downpour. Whether at home, office, campground, beach or other outdoor places the Lanmodo car umbrella will serve you well. Its fiberglass structure is still among the reasons why it is very strong enough to withstand the effect of snow, hail, and other weather effects. You can always be sure of assuring perfect protection of your car from bird dropping, hail, heavy downpour, snowfall, and other elements. So, with Lanmodo car cover, you are going to be sure of overall cover over your car completely. You will be sure of having your car paints remains as new as when you rolled it out of showroom when you always cover it with a Lanmodo Pro.

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