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Lanmodo Four-Season Car Umbrella Protects Your Car All Year Round

Mar 6, 2019, 6:06 pm / Abigail Williams
If you are looking for a car umbrella that offers protection to your vehicle at any time of the year, you can't go wrong with Lanmodo four-season car umbrella. This is the best way of defending your valuable property against seasonal elements. This innovative product will keep your vehicle from getting damaged by the elements, as small as accumulated dust to difficult and severe weather conditions. This is a reason why investing in a good quality car umbrella like this is a wise decision.

The car umbrella can convert into a multi-functional car tent in spring

Spring is a perfect time for picnics, outings and enjoying the outdoors. After a long and freezing winter, it is exciting to feel the warm sun on your face and the wind caressing your hair. An overnight camping in more natural surroundings will allow you to create happy bonding moments with family or a group of friends. Bring your Lanmodo portable car umbrella with you. Its folding mechanism makes it very portable; so easy to carry about anywhere, with its lightweight and compact size at just 85cm. With an extra stand and 8 side canopy, you can already have a tent that will shelter you for the night. It is so convenient to operate, too, because the product comes with a remote control that takes just 8 seconds to fold/unfold and 30 seconds to set up. What's more, the process can be done by a single person.

The Lanmodo car umbrella functions as a great sunshade during summer

During summer, it is best to park your car in a covered garage, but it may not be always possible. The Lanmodo four-season portable car umbrella is the best solution to keep your car's interior temperature at a low level. The severity of heat on the car's inside is reduced, because there is a space between the car body and the umbrella that makes air circulation possible. In deciding to use Lanmodo car umbrella, you can also consider the fact that the UV rays of the sun can damage both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. Its paint can fade, which can make the car look older. The inside accessories such as the stereo, as well as the vinyl seats can also have detrimental effect from the heat. The engine may also be forced to work harder, when there is too much heat outside.

Worry not that your car umbrella shade will get stolen while it is parked in the open, as it is equipped with an anti-theft belt that cannot be cut so easily.

The Lanmodo car umbrella protects your car from dropping objects in the autumn

Fall signifies cooler weather and falling leaves and a car umbrella can be extra useful during this season. While it is nice to see so many leaves changing colour, these things can result in damages, when you leave your car uncovered and the leaves are allowed to sit on your car for too long. Leaves contain sap, pollen and acid, so they should be washed off immediately, when they begin to drop on your car top. Otherwise, the clear coat can get damaged resulting in dull spots and peeling. There can also be rain during the fall season, but this shouldn't be a cause for anxiety or uneasiness. As long as you have your waterproof car umbrella with you, you can have peace of mind that your car is being protected from the effects of the rain.

The Lanmodo car umbrella protects your car from snow during the winter

The winter season brings big problems to your car because of snow and hail, often with accompanying strong winds. When left unprotected, these things can do expensive damage to the exterior and sometimes even the interior of your vehicle. However, the Lanmodo car umbrella makes these problems easy and possible to deal with. This product is well capable of providing the needed protection from snow and hail. The umbrella shade has been designed with a silver-coated waterproof Oxford material, which is very durable and cannot be torn by any type of winter elements. Its strength is also supported by high quality fiberglass of military grade, so there is no chance that the umbrella will be blown by the wind. Additionally, there are also 4 windproof straps attached to the door handles and side mirrors that add to the stability of the car umbrella.

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