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Lanmodo Folded Automatic Car Umbrella Protects Against Sun, Rain, Snow & Hail

Mar 6, 2019, 6:04 pm / Evelyn Smith
After spending huge amount of money to buy or repair your car, you will always like to protect it to avoid damages. Protection of your car against damaging elements can start somewhere and that is from shading it from all elements that can cause damage. Some of these elements are the Sun, Rain, Snow, Hail and lots more. These are among the elements that can serious cause damages to the exterior, interior and even engine compartment of your car. Getting a good car umbrella is one of the ways to be sure of absolute shade and protection of your car. There are many brands, but the best so far is Lanmodo car tent which comes in different designs and styles.

Protect Your Car from Increase in Temperature with Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella

Summer heat from the sun usually cause lots of damages to cars and make users uncomfortable. Increase in temperate of car interior is one of the dangers of exposing the car to heat of the sun. Also, when the car temperature increases, the viscosity of lubricants will decrease causing problem. The viscosity of engine oil in the engine can decrease putting the car engine at greater risk of getting knocked. In order to control the temperature of the car, you should cover the car with Lanmodo automatic car umbrella. Lanmodo car cover is known to decrease the temperature of a car up to 36oC. This can be enough to avoid damages caused by increase in car temperature and discomfort.

Go For Lanmodo Folded Car Umbrella with Portable Design

While there are many types, models and brands of car covers in the markets, most of them are not moveable. Also, some of the brands are not easy to install and moving them from one place to another is not easy. But, the Lanmodo is the brand that grants lasting solution to all car owners. The folded car umbrella is really portable enough to store inside your car truck. Therefore, you can be sure of moving the umbrella from one place to another without any hindrance. It can be folded and unfolded within 8s.

The Lanmodo Folding Car Umbrella Controlled With Remote Control

The amazing thing about the folding car umbrella from Lanmodo is that it is operated using remote control. Just a touch on a button the umbrella will unfold or fold as the case may be. Since it is being operated with remote control it means anyone can use it without difficulty. The installation is also done without any issue as it takes only 30 seconds. This is unlike other car cover brand that usually takes effort of more than two people working many hours to be installed. You have to go ahead and take advantage of this umbrella built specially for your car and you will always be glad that you did.

Things You Should Know About Lanmodo Retractable Car Umbrella

The traditional car covers are mostly made to be manually operated. So, if you by any means forget to manually cover your car with such cover you will be forced to come out again when the rain or sun comes. However, this is not the case when retractable car umbrella offered by Lanmodo. This built with automatic features and can be operated without any issue. Another thing you should know about the automatic retractable Lanmodo car cove is that it can be operated by anyone. Even your child can playfully control the retractable car cover. Go ahead and grab this retractable automatic umbrella built for car and you will be glad that you did.

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