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Lanmodo Car Umbrella Provides a Different Experience For You

Mar 6, 2019, 6:10 pm / Lara
Not all car umbrellas are created the same, so you cannot just buy what you first find in the market and expect it to give you a satisfying experience. But Lanmodo car umbrella can do that; it will make you feel pleased by providing what your vehicle needs. The other types of car umbrella can only cover your car and even when it is already covered, it doesn't get total protection. Have your investment shielded by this product and allow each of its features, to give you a different experience with every use.

Lanmodo car umbrella is super easy to install

When you install your car with umbrella from Lanmodo, you are actually saving your time and effort in having it set up. Because it is operated by a wireless remote control that can work, even from a distance of 98 ft, it becomes almost effortless to have it installed, at the top of your car. The folding and unfolding process will take only 8 seconds and the entire setting up will take only 30 seconds. How convenient, isn't it? The hassle-free set up and ease of use is a great experience. With time saved, you also save money. Some traditional car covers are not automatic and therefore need more time to set up. The unfolding process may also need longer time and additional hands to accomplish. So much time will be wasted just doing this and the Lanmodo car umbrella offers the best solution to this issue.

Lanmodo car umbrella is foldable, instead of being fixed in a specific space

Most car covers are immovable; meaning they are fixed and cannot be moved from one place to another. The Lanmodo foldable car umbrella has been built with a folding mechanism that is stable as well as elegant. When not in use, you can just fold it smooth and easy and have it stored inside your car trunk. Storing the umbrella should not be an issue, as it weighs only 6 kg. It is also compact and fits in a special bag that measures 85cm. The next day when you drive, you can take it with you when you go to work or meet a friend, get supplies from the store and everything. Park your ride anywhere where it is suitable, set up the car umbrella and off you go, feeling confident that it gets the protection it needs from the daily elements.

Lanmodo car umbrella is not only for sunshade

Of course the car umbrella by Lanmodo is designed to give protection from the heat of the sun, but it is not only for that sole purpose. It is a four-season car umbrella cover, intended to provide protection all year round. It can serve several purposes, not only during summer when the interior temperature of cars make it uncomfortable for its passengers to stay. In autumn, there are the falling leaves and bird droppings to deal with and this car umbrella makes sure that your vehicle is shielded from every falling item. This product is very effective also during the rainy season and in winter when snow and hail are prevalent and can do great damage to your vehicle. The car umbrella can guarantee that these things will never harm your prized possession, thereby saving you the costly repairs and repainting, when such damage occurs.

Lanmodo car umbrella is multifunctional

Perfect bonding moments with family and friends need not be confined within the boundaries of your home or at a selected venue such as an event place or a restaurant. You can also have a nice time with your loved ones in the outdoors, such as the beach or in a suitable camping area. Doing any activity outside in the open air with a Lanmodo car umbrella will become more exciting and enjoyable. Why? Because you needn't get worried of getting interrupted by any falling object or leaves from the trees. With the help of extra accessories on the car umbrella, you can have a good tent too. When you need a source of light, you can use the USB Port to plug in your LED light and also charge your cellphone and other gadgets. There's no worry about your phone battery getting low with the handy USB Port and recharging it is easy and as simple as counting 1, 2, 3.

DIY, make your car umbrella unique

Do you know that you can promote your business or the business of a friend or family member with a Lanmodo customized car umbrella? No matter what the size of your company, you can advertise it through the car umbrella, which is made of fabric where you can easily print the name of the website, the brand, the logo and the slogan of your company. This is free advertisement, which allows you to save money that you can put into other projects.

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